“Xi Jinping and Putin Know, There Are No Consequences Under the Joe Biden Presidency” – Kash Patel on Why the Word “Nuclear” Is Now in the Mainstream

Kash Patel was on the War Room Wednesday. He described the frightening situation that Biden has put us in.  

Kash Patel noted that you never heard Reagan or Trump talk about using nuclear warheads as tactical weapons, yet here we are under Biden discussing the possibility of a nuclear war.

This is just terrible, throwing this around as an every day option.  Then Patel shared:

Now you have CCP and Putin joining forces on a global stage, not just in Afghanistan but in the South China Sea and in Ukraine.  They are arming each other.  They are selling weapons to each other.  They are providing each other with financial assistance to no end.

And we are doing nothing from a strategic standpoint to deter like we did in the Trump Presidency, such as sanctions… We have not jettisoned a single Russian or CCP diplomat from the United States like we did in the Trump Administration.

That’s because they know, Xi Jinping and Putin know, there are no consequences under the Joe Biden Presidency for them to take on and take out America first interests and they’re doing it on a global stage.

That is the scariest thing next to the nuclear warfare that we are now getting nearer and nearer on the precipice of.

See Patel’s comments below.

The world is a very scary place since an old senile man was inserted as President and the world has no idea who’s running the USA.


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