Transgender Activists Attempt to Hijack Mother's Day: 'Not All Mothers Have Vaginas'

LGBTQ activists opted to use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to share more left-wing talking points promoting their radical agenda and erasure of women, as some proudly declared that “not all mothers have vaginas.”

The Males in Disguise Twitter account, which frequently shares radical findings and memes showcasing the left’s radical woke agenda, shared a meme seemingly found on LGBT Reddit, which asserts that “Not All Mothers Have Vaginas,” reducing Mother’s Day to “Parent’s Day.”

Elsewhere, an individual who appears to be a biological man took a selfie with the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day … Trans Women are Mothers Too!” The individual added the captions #TransWomenAreWomen, #transmommabear, and #transmothers.

Another disheartening video found on social media features a confused child affirming her pink-haired father’s gender confusion, deeming him her “mom.”

“Absolutely not true,” the child said, responding to a comment that the man is “not a mother.”

“You are my mom. You are my mom,” she said as gender confused man smiled.

TransKS, which claims to be a nonprofit for transgender individuals in Kansas, also posted a “Happy Mother’s Day” image featuring transgender flag colors in the background. It also used the hashtag #transmom:

Another post shows a video of a biological man celebrating his first Mother’s Day with his oldest child.

“It’s the first time I get to celebrate Mother’s Day with my oldest child, and I got my first Mother’s Day gift. … So we’re taking a moment whether you’re non-binary and trans woman, cis woman– it doesn’t matter. If you call yourself a mother, here’s to you. Cheers,” the man said:

Another video, shared by Libs of TikTok, also went viral, as a green-haired biological man essentially complained that no one celebrates him, as he does not fit into Father’s Day but feels like a mom, despite biological reality indicating otherwise.

“I just genuinely want to know is there other people out there that you don’t know which one you fall under. Are you a mom or are you a dad? Where’s Parents Day? Why can’t we just have a Parents Day?” he asked, effectively falling in line with the overarching effort to erase women.

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Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Meanwhile, a recent survey from Rasmussen Reports found that most Americans, 56 percent, consider motherhood the “most important role” for women.

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