Oracle Will No Longer Collaborate with the GDI After the Company Is Identified in Lawsuit for Targeting Conservative Media Advertisers (Like TGP’s)


Oracle says it will no longer collaborate with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) after the company was mentioned in a lawsuit against the GDI blacklisting conservative media. 

The Gateway Pundit discussed GDI in recent articles on the website.  Global Disinformation is an industry for the radical globalist left. Several organizations today are working to censor and silence outlets with honest and accurate conservative content.

On April 7, TGP shared a report from investigative journalist Bob Bishop regarding the Global Disinformation Index.  Bishop wrote:

The public is awakening to social media censorship (Twitter and Facebook) and the extreme bias of prominent media outlets (i.e., the New York Times) promoting and supporting the Federal and state governments’ narratives and totalitarian behavior. An emerging and highly destructive new strategy is “blacklisting” independent conservative media to defund them of advertising revenue, leading to their financial demise.

The mission of the Disinformation Index (“DI”), with its U.K. parent organization, Disinformation Index LTD. (“GDI”), is to defund conservative online news sites with claims of alleged disinformation. GBTDI disinformation focus is LBGT, climate denial, election fraud, illegal immigration, the RussiaUkraine border conflict, abortion, the Biden family’s foreign business dealings, and anti-vaccine content. The organizations invert facts and truth to create an adversarial political narrative.

Their rating system creates a blacklist shared with major advertising companies and advertising exchanges, including Google and Microsoft, to shut down disfavored speech by defunding advertising. These companies contract with GDIDI for information on who to target for defunding. When comparing GDI’s risk sources, the bias is highly apparent.

This list omits The Gateway Pundit (TGP) and Breitbart which are constantly targeted by these organizations.

It turns out that the GDI is now being sued and as a result, Oracle will no longer collaborate with the entity.  Zerohedge and the Washington Examiner are on the story as well.

…software giant Oracle announced on Wednesday that it will no longer collaborate with GDI, which has received just under $666,000 from the US State Department between 2020 and 2021. The news comes one day after GDI was cited in a lawsuit against the Biden administration which claims the government has colluded with big tech to censor free speech.

This same British entity, which has two affiliated United States nonprofit groups that have come under fire for shielding information from their 2021 tax forms, was cited in a Tuesday friend-of-the-court brief filed by Alliance Defending Freedom in State of Louisiana v. Biden — a lawsuit filed in May 2022 that claims the government has colluded with Big Tech to stifle discourse online. -Washington Examiner

“All signs point to a growing government influence over social media,” reads the brief. “The Biden Administration admitted as early as 2021 that it was flagging and reporting posts on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms as COVID-19-related ‘misinformation.’ A recent report found that the U.S. State Department sent $330 million [sic] to The Global Disinformation Index, a British organization that is attempting to discredit and blacklist many conservative news outlets for peddling ‘disinformation.’”

Kaminsky notes that the brief mistakenly attributes $330 million sent to the National Endowment for Democracy to the GDI, when in reality the NED has granted money to GDI out of the $330 million. Following the Examiner‘s reporting on the grants, the NED announced in late February that they were cutting off funding to GDI.

Louisiana v. Biden was brought forth by Republican attorneys general Jeff Landry of Louisiana and then-Missouri’s Eric Schmitt, now a senator for The Show-Me State. The lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration infringed on the public’s First Amendment Rights through its efforts working with Big Tech employees to engage in content moderation related to election integrity, COVID-19, Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop, and more.

For instance, Landry released a document in January showing that the White House urged a Facebook employee in April 2021 to restrict posts about Fox News host Tucker Carlsonclaiming that there have been efficacy issues with “vaccines.” The White House also told Facebook in May 2021 that “slowing down” posts appearing to be “anti-vax” would be “reasonable,” and also urged Twitter to remove a post by anti-vaccine critic Robert Kennedy, Jr., who recently announced his Democratic bid for White House in 2024, documents show. -Washington Examiner

“Government should be freedom’s strongest defender, not its greatest threat,” said senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Travis Barham, in a Wednesday statement. “Americans don’t look to the White House or Silicon Valley to discover and express the truth. That’s not the role of government, and it certainly isn’t the role of Big Tech.”

Oracle, meanwhile, told the Examiner that it would no longer maintain a relationship with GDI, which they had previously announced a 2021 collaboration with in order to engage in “brand safety.”

“After conducting a review, we agree with others in the advertising industry that the services we provide marketers must be in full support of free speech, which is why we are ending our relationship with GDI,” said Michael Egbert, vice president for corporate communications at Oracle.

This is good news.  These monsters on the left must be dealt with.  This cannot continue.



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