HAITI HELL: International Community Backs Unelected Transitional Council – Gangs Kill 12 in Rich Neighborhoods of the Capital – Kenya Hesitates To Send UN Peacekeeping Troops

There are two Haitis.

On the real-life, street-level Haiti, the news is that heavily armed gang rebels ‘escalated’ their attacks into upscale neighborhoods in Haiti’s capital that unsurprisingly had been left untouched until now.

This follows the threat issued by Gang Rebel leader Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Chérizier against the country’s upper class, as you can read on HAITI HELL: Police Strikes at Gang Rebels After Leader ‘Barbecue’ Calls for a Revolution Against Political Elites.

The early Monday rampage left a dozen people dead after Gunmen looted homes in the communities of Laboule and Thomassin before sunrise.

On the international stratosphere of political power, there is an altogether different Haiti.

One in which well fed and sharply dressed political leaders are now deciding who gets to have unelected ‘transitional’ political power over the country.

Caribbean leaders (CARICOM) have announced that all but one political parties have submitted nominees for ‘a transitional presidential council’.

This unelected group of appointees will be charged with selecting an interim prime minister for Haiti.

Outgoing PM Henry can’t even return to the country, but will have political voice in the proposed council. ‘Barbecue’ controls 80 per cent of the capital, but will not.

Former senator and presidential candidate Jean-Charles Moïse declined a seat and allied himself with Guy Philippe, a former police official and rebel leader, just released from prison in the U.S. after doing time for money laundering.

Associated Press reported:

“The Dec. 21 group, which is allied with Prime Minister Ariel Henry, was one of the last holdouts, submitting a name Monday to the regional trade group known as Caricom. Its nomination had been delayed by infighting as group leaders bickered over potential candidates.”

Yes, you read it right. The MIA former PM Ariel Henry will have a say in things from out of Haiti

The U.N.-backed deployment of a Kenyan police force has been delayed, if not outright scrapped.

Why? Because the East African Country is worried about the other Haiti, not the politicians’ fictional one.

U.N. deputy spokesman Farhan Haq: ‘Kenya has concerns about the makeup of the government on the ground‘.

“’We certainly hope that they will be able to deploy as quickly as possible’, he said. ‘But they have their concerns. And for our part, what we want to make sure is that the transitional government arrangements can be implemented’.”

Kenya worries about the real Haiti, and may not send UN tropps.

Before violence reached the rich areas of Port-au-Prince, Rebel Gangs have torched police stations, shut down the main international airport and the main port, stormed Haiti’s two biggest prisons and released more than 4,000 inmates.

“’We are very concerned about the violence’, said Guyanese President Irfaan Ali, who is also the CARICOM chairman.”

It’s not reassuring that the Chairman has its own war to worry about, because Venezuela is breathing down’s Guyana’s neck over oil-rich Essequibo region.

Ali said ‘time was of essence’.

“’We have been having continuous meetings almost every night, because the Haitians have to get the presidential council in place’, he said. ‘Progress has been made’.”

The council will appointing a PM, a council of ministers, a provisional electoral council and a national security council.

But so precarious is the situation that Caricom officials haven’t released the full list of names nominated to the council, lest it turned into a ‘hit list’.

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