Eyes on the Prize: Bernie Moreno Comes Straight After Sherrod Brown’s Weaknesses on Workers

Republican Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, who won his primary on Tuesday, quickly set his sights on Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown shortly after his formal victory, going directly for his opponent’s weakness on workers.

“Sherrod Brown claims he supports workers, but there’s nothing pro-worker about supporting Biden’s radical Green New Deal agenda, that is killing good-paying Ohio energy jobs,” Moreno said on Wednesday, pointing out that “you can’t be pro-worker, when your policies lead to workers getting pink slips”:

His remarks follow reports that the Biden administration is issuing environmental rules to phase out gas vehicles as part of its greater Green New Deal agenda. These electric vehicle (EV) mandates not only empower China — as much of the EV process occurs in China — but they massively impact U.S. auto workers. This latest development involves tailpipe pollution limits and would, according to the New York Times, “transform the American automobile market.”

It adds:

The rule increasingly limits the amount of pollution allowed from tailpipes over time so that, by 2032, more than half the new cars sold in the United States would most likely be zero-emissions vehicles in order for carmakers to meet the standards.

Time and time again, conservatives have warned that these mandates will decimate the U.S. auto industry, and, as Moreno pointed out in his victory speech, these policies will force Brown to reveal, even more, who he truly is, as he has a “99 percent voting record with Joe Biden.”

“He says he advocates for working-class Americans, so let’s dissect that for a second. Under Sherrod Brown’s watch, China has gone from a $4 billion trade deficit to a $235 billion a year trade deficit with America. The middle class in this country has shrank under his watch. We’ve lost factory after factory under his watch,” Moreno explained, adding that Brown is “all for this Green New Deal.”

“This idea that all of us should drive an electric car or have whatever stove he tells us to, live in some small hut somewhere while, of course, he hangs out with his buddies in Martha’s Vineyard,” he added. “That’s who Sherrod Brown really is.”

Chairman Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, conducts the Senate Banking Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on "Examining the Failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank" in Washington on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Sen. Sherrod Brown (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Trump-backed Michigan Senate candidate Mike Rogers also spoke about the dangers of these Green New Deal policies and the impact they have on U.S. workers during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

“It’s 40 percent less labor. It’s not necessarily better for the environment, and it puts us dependent on — 1/7 of the United States economy on the Communist Party of China,” he said, explaining that 85 percent of the EV process “happens through China.”

“It’s jeopardizing our national security,” he said.

“And my argument to the union folks is, listen, you know, by the way, if you care about the environment, and on this EV mandate, the government’s basically saying, ‘We’re going to take 40 percent of your jobs and make you drive a car that you don’t want to drive.’ We don’t have to do it that way,” he said, pointing to the dangers of making the Chinese “the most important car makers in the world by mandating electric vehicles.”

“If you’re an auto worker, if you’re a second and third-tier auto worker supplier here, you bet it does. It will be a bloodbath. That means your jobs are going away. Now when you lose your job and your ability to take care of your family, I don’t care what anyone says — that’s a bloodbath,” Rogers added.


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