Exclusive — RNC Chair: We Are Laser-Focused on 'Electing Donald Trump'

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is laser-focused on “electing Donald Trump as president, flipping the Senate, and expanding our majority in the House,” RNC Chair Michael Whatley said during an appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

Whatley, who is the new leader of the RNC, said the organization is “in the business of winning campaigns,” emphasizing that “everything that we do for the next 32 weeks is going to be focused on electing Donald Trump as president, flipping the Senate, and expanding our majority in the House.”

Differentiating the “new” RNC from the “old,” Whatley said it comes down to focus, as Trump is the presumptive nominee.

“I am coming in, obviously, with the president’s team. He is now our candidate. He’s now our nominee, and that changes our operations here. We are merging our political shop, our communications shop, all of our teams with the president’s campaign, and we are going to be making sure that we have one unified operation around the country with that,” he said, adding that he has a good relationship with those running the congressional and Senate committees, adding that they are ensuring that they are focused “solely on winning elections this fall.”

“We are focused all day, every day, for the next 32 weeks on winning this election,” he said, emphasizing that they plan to recruit and change thousands of volunteers who know the message.


“When you stop to think about it for just a minute, what really matters in your life,” he said, pointing to “factors like safety, like national security, like the fact that we have 9.2 million illegal immigrants who have come across the border and we don’t know who they are or where they are what they’re doing.”

“That’s a real problem, and people understand that at a pretty core level,” he said, adding that people need to “connect.”

“A five-minute conversation with an undecided voter means that person is six percent more likely to vote and vote for your candidate,” Whatley said, identifying Trump as the “single greatest turnout machine.”

“He is single-handedly capable of driving our turnout from 60 to 65, to 65 to 70, or even 75 percent in the swing battleground states and in the other states all around the country. So we know that people are going to be excited about this election,” the RNC head said.

“But we also want to make sure that people have an understanding of how they can vote, when they can vote, where they can vote, and we’re gonna get that information to them, and then we also are working very hard to make sure that we’re getting into populations that don’t typically vote Republican,” he emphasized, adding that “blacks and Hispanics are coming to the Republican” side, “leaving the Democrats every single day.”

“And Donald Trump has done a great job of making sure that he is reaching out and communicating with all of those voters,” he added.

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