Couple Arrested After Baby Overdoses on Fentanyl in Georgia

A couple is facing child cruelty charges after a 9-month-old baby overdosed on fentanyl in Georgia. 

The child’s mother, Rosa Solis-Garcia, 37, told deputies on Saturday that her son stopped crawling and his lips began to turn blue and his skin turned pale after he played with a $20 bill she had under her pillow, according to WRDW, a local news outlet.

Garcia’s boyfriend, Thomas Wright, 41, arrived and began CPR while she called 911, the report states. 

“EMS workers arrived and administered Narcan to the boy and took him to Augusta University Medical Center where he tested positive for fentanyl,” according to WSB-TV, another local outlet. 

Garcia told deputies that she thinks the $20 bill might have had something on it that caused her son to become sick, according to the report.

An arrest warrant obtained by the outlet states that Wright admitted to using narcotics inside the home. Garcia is also accused of having fentanyl with a cut straw in her purse while her son was in her care.

The warrant states that the pair allegedly allowed to play with contaminated money, “which led to the boy ingesting the narcotic,” according to the report.

“Both are charged with cruelty to children in the second degree, and Garcia also has a hold for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, according to inmate bookings,” the report states. 


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