Bernie Sanders Says Americans Should Have Money Confiscated Before Becoming Billionaires


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Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders has announced his support for President Joe Biden and he has a plan for the government to confiscate cash.

Speaking with Chris Wallace last week, he said that billionaires should not exist and that the government should confiscate funds before someone can become a billionaire.

“Are you basically saying that once you get to $999 million, the government should confiscate all the rest?” the host said to the senator.

“I’m saying that we should go back to a very progressive tax policy like what we had under Dwight D. Eisenhower,” the senator said.

“Over $1 billion basically all goes to the government?” the host said.


“Yeah, I think people can make it on $999 million,” the senator said.

Wallace had a testy, but playful back and forth with Sanders, who caucuses with the Democrats, on the subject of age.

When Wallace wanted to talk about age with the Senator he quipped that Wallace should not worry because he will vote for him to keep his job at CNN, Mediaite reported.

Wallace hit back sharply by mentioning Sanders age, after admonishing him by saying “you poked the bear.”

WALLACE: New subject, House Republicans want…

SEN. SANDERS: We’re off of age. We’re worried about getting old here. That’s what that’s what I’m hearing Chris. I’ll fight to keep you on the station.

WALLACE: Let me all right, look. You poked the bear, I’m gonna go back to age. Honestly. You’re 81 I’m 75. Am I sharp do I think I have the mental acuity I had five or 10 years ago. No, I think I’m pretty good. And to a certain degree, I take a mental acuity test every time I sit down with somebody like you. Do you think maybe you’ve lost a step?

SEN. SANDERS: I mean, I let other people make that decision. I think you’re doing pretty well. I’ll vote to keep you on the station here, how’s that?

WALLACE: I think you’re a young 81. So I’ll vote for you too.

But before the interview was done Wallace came back to the subject of age.

WALLACE: Finally, as we’ve mentioned, you’re 81 years old, you’re up for re election in 2024. Have you decided whether or not you’re going to run again?

SEN. SANDERS: No I have not. And one of the concerns that I do have and I think it’s kind of pushed by the media is we have never ending elections like three days after the election people were asking what are you going to do? You know what I have? Wanna hear a radical and crazy idea? I think elected officials should work for the people. I’m chair of the Health Education Labor Pension Committee, I have a lot of work to do. So instead of talking about running for office and campaigning 24 hours a day, maybe we should do some work for the American people. So I will make that decision. At the appropriate time, much too early.

It would be curious to know when Sanders idea of an appropriate time is, as it is 2023 and his election would be in 2024.

But currently the talk is of President Joe Biden and what many people believe is him showing signs of his age.

Biden appeared to forget on Thursday which country he visited last and a literal child had to remind him.

Biden welcomes a group of children to the White House on Take Your Child to Work Day and took part in an event on the South Lawn. The event was promoted by the nonprofit Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation.

While speaking to the children, Biden said: “I’m trying to think where the last place I was! It’s hard to keep track.”

It’s unclear if Biden was just joking with the children or if he truly forgot, but one of the kids can be heard reminding the president that he was in Ireland a few days ago.


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