“You’re Just Scum” Nikki Haley Lashes Out at Ramaswamy during NBC RNC Debate After He Points Out Her Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

You don’t see this everyday.

On Wednesday night Ronna McDaniel’s Republican Party held a presidential debate with NBC – the channel that makes a living off of lying and smearing Republicans and pushing lies to the American public about imaginary Donald Trump and Russia “collusion.”

This was a very Ronna McDaniel thing to do.

During the debate, Vivek Ramaswamy responded to a recent attack by Ambassador Haley for using TikTok.

Vivek pointed out that he uses TikTok to reach out to younger voters, like Haley‘s own daughter, 25, who has a well-known TikTok account. 

This upset Haley who lashed out at Vivek, saying, “You’re just scum!” for pointing out her own hypocrisy.  It’s still not clear why this makes him scum?

Wasn’t Haley supposed to be the level-headed ambassador?


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