WOW! Marjorie Taylor Greene Hands Joe Biden a Pin that Reads “Laken Riley” as He Enters SOTU – Tells Him to “Say Her Name!” (VIDEO)

MTG hands Joe Biden a Laken Riley pin as he enters Chamber to deliver his SOTU Address.

Joe Biden finally made it to the US Capitol on Thursday night to deliver his State of the Union Address after his vehicle was blocked by radical Pro-Gaza, anti-Israel protesters.

When Old Joe walked into the chamber to deliver his speech Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene handed him a “Laken Riley” button.

Old Joe asked who it was – Greene told him, “Laken Riley.”

Marjorie was wearing a MAGA hat and a “Say Her Name – Laken Riley” T-Shirt tonight.

Old Joe was clueless.

Laken Riley was brutally murdered by an illegal alien last month

MSNBC was completely baffled following the exchange.

Trump spoke about this earlier.


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