WOW! Biden’s Microphone Cut After Making Joke About Press to Communist China’s Xi Jinping (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s microphone was abruptly cut after he made a joke about the press to Communist China’s Xi Jinping.

Biden met with Xi Jinping face-to-face in California on Wednesday for the first time in a year.

Xi Jinping received a rockstar welcome in San Francisco on Wednesday. California Democrats made sure to clean the filthy streets of San Francisco just in time for Xi’s arrival.

San Francisco greets Xi Jinping with streets lined with communist flags and a welcome parade.

Biden hosted a bilateral meeting with Xi Jinping. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen were also in attendance at the Filoli Estate.

Joe Biden cracked a joke about the press to Xi Jinping and his microphone was cut.

“Here they come,” Biden said making a gesture before his mic was cut.



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