Who Is Joe Dan Gorman—What the Heck is Intellectual Froglegs—And Why Should America Be Laughing Right Now? [VIDEO]

Who is Joe Dan Gorman?

What the heck is Intellectual Froglegs?

And how will it help to improve your health in this tumultuous and increasingly stressful political environment we find ourselves living in today?

The answer can be found in one word…


Conservative comedian Joe Dan Gorman has mastered the art of mixing vintage and current footage together with brilliant commentary and upbeat music to address the current state of our nation while using his unique brand of comedy.

We all know there’s nothing funny about an incompetent fake president who repeatedly gets lost looking for an exit from a stage after he just revealed to the world that he’s a habitual liar with the mental capacity of a 4-year-old. The FBI breaking down the doors of innocent Americans simply for walking into a restricted area outside of the Capitol after at least one alleged undercover agent was caught on video removing the fencing and signs around the Capitol warning of a “restricted area” is also not very funny. But alas, here we are…

Instead of retreating into a ball in the corner of our living room and living in fear that the next knock on your door will be a trap that’s been set for you over a post on social media about preserving our gun rights, perhaps a little levity is in order and could be precisely what the doctor ordered.

Joe Dan Gorman, creator of “Intellectual Froglegs,” a brilliantly produced video providing his unique take on current events mixed with laughter and hilarious imagery, may be exactly what America needs at this very moment. Gateway Pundit founder and America’s top conservative news publisher Jim Hoft can also be seen making a guest appearance on Joe Dan’s latest video, where they discuss the January 6 sham.

If you’ve never watched his videos, you’re in for a treat.

Watch here:

Joe Dan Gorman will be appearing LIVE with comedian, Trump impersonator, and host of “Ungoverned” on LAF-TV Shawn Farash, in 3 stops across the state of Michigan, where they will be providing comedy relief for citizens who are facing borderline Communist leadership and could really use a good laugh. Tickets are available HERE.

Thursday, September 28th, in Troy at the Polish American Cultural Center

Friday, September 29th, in Muskegon at Fricano’s

Saturday, September 30th, in Traverse City at the Traverse City Comedy Club

Doors open at 6:30, and the show starts at 7:30-9 p.m.

Tickets are $59 per person or $115 per couple. Click here to purchase your night of laughter.

Snacks will be provided, as well as a cash bar.

Geisinger shares important reasons why laughter really is the best medicine:

Releasing endorphins

Have you ever wondered why laughing literally feels great? When you laugh, your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins.

“Releasing endorphins can help increase the body’s natural painkilling response,” says Heveran. “This helps with chronic pain and can improve your mood.”

Reducing stress

Those extra endorphins do more than give you a little lift — they can also reduce stress. “Laughter is a valuable coping mechanism when we’re feeling stressed,” Heveran notes. “A hearty belly laugh can help start the day on a positive note and finish it on a relaxing one.”

Boosting your immune system

When you giggle, chortle or guffaw, you reduce your body’s production of stress hormones, like cortisol. “It can also activate infection-fighting cells,” says Heveran. “By managing stress with laughter, you’ll help fight off stress reactions in the body.”

Increasing blood flow to internal organs

Each time you laugh, you breathe more deeply. This sends more oxygen into your lungs and helps your heart pump oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. Increased oxygen promotes healthy cell growth and allows your organs to work more efficiently, helping you feel your best.

Relaxing muscles

Feeling tense? A few minutes of hearty laughter can reduce tension in the body and make you feel calmer.


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