WHAT A SHAME: Rob Reiner’s Documentary Film About ‘Christian Nationalism’ Absolutely TANKS at the Box Office

Rob Reiner’s new documentary film on ‘Christian Nationalism’ titled ‘God & Country’ is absolutely bombing at the box office.

Reiner released this movie in an election year, which is not a coincidence, because he was hoping to scare voters about Trump and Trump supporters. It is essentially political propaganda and no one is buying it.

According to Box Office MoJo, the movie opened in February to a pathetic $38,415 and since then has gone to gross a total of $60,464 domestically.

John Nolte of Breitbart News puts this in perspective:

Basically, that’s fewer than 7,000 tickets sold in a country of 350 million.

That’s fewer than 7,000 tickets sold, even after producer Rob Reiner got all kinds of free media from countless corporate media outlets…

If you divide those 82 tickets per theater by 23 days, that’s an average of 3.5 tickets per day. But…

If you divide those 3.5 tickets per day into six showings a day, that works out to 3/5th of a ticket sold per showing. So you have to imagine every theater seat is empty except for one guy with no legs below the knees. Basically, a post-war Lieutenant Dan has to sit all by himself, staring at David French’s stupid face.

It’s like this was a total waste of money, not that Reiner cares.

More people watch reruns of Law and Order after midnight than the number of people who will see this movie.

Despite all the attention that it got from the leftist media, no one is interested. Do you think Meathead will learn anything from this experience?


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