“We Will Attack US Bases, They Must Pay the Price” – Eyes on Hezbollah: Hassan Nasrallah Warns Israel of Pending Attacks – Threatens Strikes on US Bases

Hassan Nasrallah, the leaders of Hezbollah in Lebonon, an Iranian proxy army, spoke today to supporters in Beirut, Lebanon.

Nasrallah warned of strikes against US bases in the region saying, “We will attack US bases. They must pay the price.”

There have been at least 24 attacks on US bases in the Middle East since Hamas stormed Israel and massacred 1,400 civilians.

Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel, “There will be more actions against Israel on many different fronts and this will become clear in the next few days.”

Nasrallah threatened military attacks on US bases in the region.

America is to blame.

Nasrallah praised the attacks by Iranian proxies on US bases in the region.

Nasrallah continued to focus on US crimes.

There was much anticipation prior to Nasrallah’s speech. The next few days will be important to see how this plays out.


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