Watch: Texas National Guard Holds the Line, Patrols Waters In Shelby Park to Deter Illegals (VIDEO)

While the Biden regime is letting millions of illegals pour in, the Texas National Guard is hard at work holding the line and patrolling the waters at the border.

Operation Lone Star has proven to be effective.

“What we do on a normal basis, we scout the area right. We find any crossing points any individuals that you know that kind of set themselves up on the shore, begin to cross. We are the first point of contact to deter and to negate that cross.” Texas National Guard said.

“Whatever gets thrown our way we will be ready for it down here.” the Guard continued.


The Border Patrol Union set the record straight and said the reason for the drop in arrests in Texas is because of Governor Abbott’s strong border enforcement.

Texas has seen a major drop in the number of illegals crossing the border in Eagle Pass thanks to their initiative to secure the border.

The tension between Texas and the Biden regime intensified in January, with red state governors supporting Texas and their decision to defend the border.

Eagle Pass, one of the busiest ports of entry for illegals crossing the border, has seen significant statistical improvement since Texas locked it down.

Texas National Guard members are also busy installing more razor wire in Eagle Pass in response to the Supreme Court’s order allowing the Biden Regime to cut/remove razor wire installed along the border.


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