Watch: Nick Cannon Celebrates Cancellation of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Toxic 'Red Table Talk': 'F**k That Table'

Comedian Nick Cannon is glad Facebook has decided to cancel Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk, calling the show “toxic” while also blaming the show’s TMI aesthetic for the Smith couple’s publicity woes.

“Fuck that table,” Cannon said  last week on “The Daily Cannon” radio show.

Facebook parent company Meta cancelled Red Table Talk along with all of its Facebook Watch shows last week as part of a round of cost-cutting measures.

Red Table Talk featured Jada Pinkett-Smith hosting conversations about various subjects, including her own family. In the show’s most infamous episode, which also featured an appearance by Will Smith, she discussed her dalliance with a younger man. For Nick Cannon, the demise of the show was good riddance.

“If there was no Red Table Talk, then he wouldn’t have slapped the shit out of Chris Rock,” said Cannon, referring to Smith’s assault of Rock during last year’s Oscars. “That was royalty, Will and Jada. Then they brought it to the table.”

“I don’t want to know all this shit about y’all,” he added.

“I just want to mind my black-owned business,” said Cannon. “I don’t want to be up in everybody else’s kitchen. Keep that shit to y’all selves.”

“Too much honesty can get your ass slapped in the face,” he later added. “They made all them memes about my brother Will. They didn’t need to do that.”

Red Table Talk may not be totally dead in the water. Jada Pinkett Smith is reportedly shopping the show around to other potential distributors.

Pinkett Smith is also serving as executive producer for Netflix’s upcoming docuseries Queen Cleopatra, which the Egyptian government recently denounced for portraying the ancient queen as a black woman.

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