WATCH: Man TORCHES Nikki Haley in New Hampshire on Her Birthday for Blowing Millions of Dollars on Doomed Campaign

Credit: @ImperatorTruth

Nashua, New Hampshire – Nikki Haley got an unwelcome birthday message from a based man Saturday night who decided to torch her for blowing money on her doomed presidential campaign and suggested wiser use of her financial resources.

Haley, who turned 52 Saturday, had spent the day campaigning across the state with RINO Governor Chris Sununu ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, where she trails Trump by double-digits. Her fans were seen in Peterborough and other stops singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

She told them the gift they could give her would be a victory in the primary.

Her final campaign stop was a Chick-Fil-A in Nashua, and she arrived there with Sununu in his Mustang. She was undoubtedly counting on a similar reception from the assembled crowd there.

However, one individual named Titus Frost had other thoughts on his mind at the restaurant. He called Haley and pointed out she blew “a hundred million dollars” in Iowa and got destroyed by Trump anyway. He also asked whether it was wise to spend that money on news stations that smear conservatives when the dollars could go to good causes such as helping homeless veterans instead.

An irritated Haley brought up her husband’s service in response and tried to “educate” on why blowing that money was so imperative. But Frost was undeterred and pointed out the cold reality: she was doomed to lose again to Trump and should consider others in need instead of her vain desires.

Haley dismissed him and curtly thanked him for “his service.” It is not clear at this time whether Frost is a veteran.


Frost: Can I ask you just a tiny question? Do you think it is responsible for politicians to spend a hundred million dollars on TV ads, which go mainly to news stations that have lied to us for years?

When there’s homeless veterans who need the money, when you did not even come close to beating Trump in Iowa and you spent like a hundred million in TV money.

Haley: Do you know my husband is a veteran? He’s a combat veteran, and you know when the media doesn’t tell the truth, the whole reason you put commercials on is to tell the truth because the media doesn’t?

Frost: My whole point is you’re not going to beat Trump, and all the money you are wasting could go to better causes…

Haley: You know what? Last I saw it (America) was a democracy, and we’re going to keep working for it. Thank you for your service.

Haley made no mention of the event of the encounter on X and pretended everything went well. From her standpoint, ignorance is bliss.

But Haley is in for a rude awakening in a few days. The only remaining question is how long she wants to prolong the humiliation.


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