WATCH: ‘Male’ Humanoid Robot Inappropriately Touches Female Reporter After Being Unveiled in Saudi Arabia

A “male” humanoid robot caused quite a stir when it appropriately grabbed a female reporter’s rear during its unveiling in Saudi Arabia last week.

“Muhammad the Humanoid Robot” was debuted by Saudi robotics company QSS at DeepFest in Riyadh.

The robot speaks Arabic and English and is dressed in traditional Saudi attire.

During the robot’s presentation, Al Arabiya reporter Rawya Kassem stood in front of it to speak to the audience.

As Kassem spoke, the robot slowly lifted its hand to touch her bottom.

Kassem gave the robot a dirty look and raised her hand as if she was going to slap it, before returning to what she was saying.

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media.

QSS told The Metro that Mohammad was “fully autonomous” and was operating “independently without direct human control” when it grabbed Kassem.

The company added that its staff had “proactively informed all attendees, including reporters, to maintain a safe distance from the robot during its demonstration.”

“We have already conducted a thorough review of the footage and the circumstances surrounding the incident and there was no deviations from expected behavior of Mohammad, however we will take additional measures to prevent anyone getting close to the Robot within its areas of movement.”


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