WATCH LIVE: Trump Expected to Appear at Classified Documents Hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida – Trump Supporters Turn Out in Force

Trump is expected to appear in a Florida Federal Courthouse for a hearing in his federal criminal case over retaining White House documents – something Joe Biden was given a pass on despite the fact that he was holding classified documents for decades in his garage, at universities, etc., a criminal act for an official who is not president.

On Tuesday, Special Counsel Hur testified before Congress. Hur was having a hard time explaining why Joe Biden was not charged for his numerous criminal acts – most likely because there is no explanation. Hur even agreed that every element of a crime was met in Biden’s handling of classified documents and information, but he still had no explanation for not prosecuting Biden.

There can be no denying we are living under the rule of a two-tiered justice system.

And the American people know it!

As The Gateway Pundit reported, HUNDREDS of Trump supporters lined the streets of Fort Pierce, Florida earlier this month to cheer President Trump on his way to court in his last hearing the Jack Smith lawfare case.

HUNDREDS Line the Streets in Fort Pierce, Florida to Cheer President Trump on His Way to Court in Jack Smith Lawfare Hearing

President Trump arrived at today’s hearing in Fort Pierce moments ago.

Trump supporters turned out once again to show their love for Trump.

Here is a crowd shot from FOX News.

NBC reports,

Cannon has said that today’s hearing is expected to take all day.

Trump’s legal team and prosecutors from Smith’s office are expected to argue their positions on whether some or all of the charges against Trump should be thrown out because of the Presidential Records Act before the case goes to trial.

Smith has urged Cannon to reject Trump’s claims that his presidential records “can be transformed into ‘personal’ records” upon being removed from the White House.

The two sides will also discuss a second motion to dismiss the case on the theory that the main statute used against Trump is unconstitutionally vague as it applies to presidents.

Watch live below:


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