WATCH: Huge ‘Trump or DEATH’ Flag Dropped at Yankees Stadium During National Anthem

Supporters of former President Donald Trump dropped an absolutely massive “Trump of DEATH” banner during the 7th inning of the New York Yankees versus Detroit Tigers game on Wednesday.

The banner was dropped from the stands during the National Anthem.

Freedom News captured a video of the unveiling and posted it to X, the platform formerly known as “Twitter.”

The Big Lead reports, “Something about this railing must make it the ideal display location for pro-Trump signs. Back in 2021, two fans were ejected from hanging a Trump Won banner from the same perch. That one got a lot more reaction and led to a scuffle with stadium security.”

The fans had dropped a giant banner that read, “Trump Won Save America.”

“Sounded like the entire crowd was booing until security confiscated the banner, which then resulted in a large cheer,” tweeted Max Goodman, who covers the team for Sports Illustrated, at the time.


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