Watch: Fired Atlanta Airport Barista Violently Attacks Managers as Travelers Watch

A former Atlanta, Georgia, airport coffee shop worker has gone viral for attacking the store’s managers with a chair after being fired.

Shacoria Elly was a barista at the Harvest & Grounds inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when she got into an argument with a co-worker about espresso shots on January 13, according to a police report obtained by Fox 5 Atlanta.

A video captured by a witness begins with Elly screaming, “Give me my stuff!” while shoving two male store managers in an attempt to get into the employee area behind the counter.

The manager in a red polo shirt attempts to subdue her as she fights, saying, “No, you can walk away. I’ll get your fucking stuff.”

He repeatedly points to the exit and tells Elly to “get out” as she continues to push him while yelling and then turning her attention to the second manager in a green shirt.

Elly can then be seen swinging her arms at the other manager as he tries to defend himself before she screams, “Bitch!” and grabs a nearby metal chair.

Before she can do damage with the improvised weapon, the taller manager snatches it from her grasp while the shorter one blocks her punches. 

The video escalates even more when Elly, again, rushes at the red-shirted man, this time only to find herself tossed onto the floor to the horror of shocked onlookers. 

Gasps erupt from the crowd as Elly connects with the floor before quickly bouncing back up to her feet and continuing to fight.

The young woman again swings at both of the managers before storming out of the store as the managers say to “call the police.”

Elly’s departure lasts all of two seconds before she makes a sharp 180-degree turn, sprints back into the store, and leaps over the coffee bar to the back of the shop.

Both managers grab Elly as she flings store products and equipment around before she eventually manages to grab a black jacket and bag. 

The woman slips and falls to the floor again before making her final exit as the video ends. 

Police said Elly was “terminated from her position” in their report, and airport security confiscated her badge.

“Elly was no longer in the area when the officer arrived. It does not appear from the report that officials are charging her with any crime,” Fox 5 noted.


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