WATCH: Congolese Women's Soccer Team Attacks Ref Over Controversial Call

A soccer referee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) found himself under attack over the weekend after more than a dozen members of a women’s soccer team chased and beat him following a controversial call.

The referee can be seen on the video fleeing the field in an attempt to get away from angry players from the DC Motema Pembe Women’s team. He successfully gets off the playing surface but then finds himself pursued by at least one person near the track, is forced to dodge a punch from another person, and then ends up trapped in a tent where he is punched and kicked by several people.

Other referees eventually intervened and attempted to evacuate the besieged official. Though, the ref appeared to take several additional blows on his way off the field.

DC Motema Pembe was reportedly trailing 5-1 at the time of the incident. So, the attack was likely the result of frustration as much as any controversy surrounding the call. It also means that DC Motema should stop attacking officials and get better at soccer.


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