Virginia House Democrats Pass 'Assault Firearm' Ban Targeting Semiautomatic Rifles With Threaded Barrels

Virginia House Democrats passed an “assault firearm” ban Friday that would prohibit semiautomatic centerfire rifles that use a detachable magazine and have threaded barrels.

In lieu of a threaded barrel, the text of the ban–HB 2–makes clear the semiautomatic centerfire rifle falls into the prohibited category if it has a vertical fore grip or a “sound suppressor” or a “muzzle brake” or “muzzle compensator” or a “folding, telescoping, or collapsible [rear] stock,” among other features.

HB 2 also bans semiautomatic centerfire pistols that accept a detachable magazine and have a threaded barrel which allows the use of a “sound suppressor” or a “flash suppressor.” The ban on the detachable magazine/threaded barrel combination alone would prohibit a large number of extremely popular semiautomatic pistols, including numerous models made by Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, FN America, Springfield Armory, Walther Arms, and others.

The House Democrats’ focus on “sound suppressors”–devices which muffle but do not eliminate sound–means they are banning firearms based on features that have health (hearing) benefits for the target shooter and the hunter, as well as for the environment. noted that the Firearms Policy Coalition is promising to file a lawsuit, “should the ban become law.”

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