Viral 2012 Taco Bell Receipt Sparks Fast-Food Inflation Conversation

A 2012 receipt from Taco Bell has gone viral and sparked a national conversation on fast food inflation among both customers and workers.

A TikTok user by the name of “LovelyOcean” shared her find on Tuesday, showing a faded receipt that listed two “Beefy 5-Layer Burritos” at just $2.59 for both.

Now, just one of the popular burritos goes for $3.59.

“Can you even get anything from Taco Bell for $2.59?” the TikToker asked in the video, which had nearly 640,000 views as of Saturday afternoon.


Im so upset. I cant even justify going to #tacobell anymore. #inflation

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“I’m so upset. I can’t even justify going to #tacobell anymore. #inflation,” she wrote in the caption.

LovelyOcean, who “used to be loyal to the brand as a teen,” posed a question at the end of the clip: “Where did we go wrong?”

Thousands of commenters chimed in with similar sentiments.

“I remember when you felt kind of greedy if you spent more than $10 there, because that meant that you must have an insane amount of Taco Bell,” said one TikTok user.

“When I was in high school the 7 layer burrito was $.79 and tacos were $.50,” said another. “Change could get you so full.”

Multiple commenters have sworn off the fast food chain, with one writing: “Me and my family’s usual order ended up being $40 at Taco Bell and I realized maybe it’s time to give it up.”

Even Taco Bell employees voiced their concerns over the price inflation.

“As someone who works at Taco Bell, I think the prices are crazy. Someone got ten items for almost 60 dollars and they were the cheaper options,” one person commented.


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