VIDEO: Vile Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Insults FOX News Reporter for Asking Tough Questions About Her Calls for Israel to Stop Fighting Back Against Hamas – This Follows Her Meltdown at Biden Over War


Disgusting anti-Semite Ilhan Omar (Socialist-MN) insulted a reporter instead of answering her tough questions over her calls for Israel to stop defending itself against Hamas savages on Friday. This followed what the Daily Mail described as her meltdown at Joe Biden regarding his “support” for Israel over Hamas.

Omar is well-known for her hatred of the Jewish people. One example is her echoing the long-standing anti-Semitic trope about Jews obtaining their influence through money.

Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn caught up to Omar on Capitol Hill and peppered her with tough questions regarding why she supported a “ceasefire” with Hamas terrorists. Vaughn pointed during her questioning this would be tantamount to Israel surrendering to the Islamist terror organization that is trying to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Rather than responding, Omar decided to trash Vaughn instead.


Vaughn: Congresswoman, you have called for a ceasefire. Are you okay with Hamas terrorists continuing to exist?

Omar: (silence)

Vaughn: Do you think that Israel should just lay down their arms and not try to get the hostages out of Gaza?

Omar: (no answer)

Vaughn: How can Israel have a ceasefire with terrorists whose entire mission is to wipe them out of existence?

Male staffer: Step away from the elevator. You’re blocking the elevator.

Omar (to staffer): Ignore this crazy lady. Don’t worry about her.

Earlier Friday, Omar snapped at Biden during a press conference at Capitol Hill with her fellow socialists including Pennsylvania Representative Summer Lee and Massachusetts Representative Ayanna Pressley.

“How is it that we have a president who is talking about releasing hostages, who is talking about getting American citizens out of Israel, but could not get himself to say, “I want to save and work to save the hundreds, thousands of Americans stuck in Gaza,” Omar whined. “What is wrong with you?”

Omar then complained about Israel bombing Hamas terrorists in Gaza as a form of retaliation against their evil invasion.

How is this possible? Wait, so are certain Americans’ lives more important than another?

Is the American that is living in Gaza less important than the one living in Israel?

How is it that you’re telling American citizens to go to the south of Gaza, but you can’t tell Netanyahu not to bomb the south because there are Americans there?

With people like Omar representing the United States in government, who needs enemies?


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