VIDEO: Suspect Violently Attacks Georgia Cop After Being Pulled Over for Speeding and is Gunned Down – Suspect’s Family Claims He Was a “Victim of Police Brutality” and “Murdered”

Credit: Camden County Sheriff’s Office/ Daily Mail

Camden County, Georgia – A 53-year-old black man was killed by a Georgia cop earlier this week after being pulled over for speeding and now police have released dashcam footage proving that he initiated a violent attack on the officer prior to his death.

The suspect’s family, though, is refusing to accept this seemingly clear reality and is blaming the officer instead.

As the Daily Mail reported, the incident occurred at 7:30 AM Monday in Camden County, which is just north of Jacksonville, Florida.

Leonard Allan Cure was going over 100mph in his pick-up truck and a sheriff’s deputy pulled him over. The video shows the cop ordering Cure out of his vehicle and demanding that he put his hands on the back of his truck.

Cure responds by refusing the deputy’s orders. “I ain’t doing sh*t,” he said.

He proceeds to threaten the officer by raising his fist, which prompts man in blue to taser him. Cure then violently swings at the deputy and they go to the ground.


The two men can be seen wrestling for several seconds until Cure overpowers the deputy, who desperately tries to fight back with his baton. He bends the officer over the back of the truck all while holding the deputy under in his chin, nearly choking him.

The Daily Mail notes this is moment the officer shoots Cure on the side, causing him to collapse to the ground.

The deputy immediately yells for back-up: “Shots fired. Shots fired. Suspect down.”

The medics attempt to revive Cure to no avail. The officer is crying in the background.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office explained they released the footage to correct the media “misinformation” regarding the incident.

The news media, and rumors within the community, have provided the public with misinformation. It is common for rumors to occur, but blatant false information by some media representatives should not be tolerated.

Despite this seemingly clear-cut case of self-defense, Cure’s family claims he is a victim of “police brutality” and was “murdered.”

They have also hired attorney Benjamin Crump, who is infamous for helping stoke the racial flames in America. Crump says the deputy was too aggressive at the beginning and possibly “triggered” Cure.

“We don’t understand why there weren’t more attempts to de-escalate the situation,’ Crump said.

Perhaps the saddest irony with regard to this incident is Cure was freed from prison just three years ago after serving 17 years for a crime he did not commit. He ended up throwing away this well-deserved second chance all because he refused to obey an officer’s lawful orders.


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