VIDEO: Radical Leftists Storm the Field During USC-Cal Football Game – Shut Down the Game to Reinstate Anti-Israel Professor

The rivalry football game between USC and Cal was abruptly delayed after dozens of protestors stormed the 50-yard line.

As the protesters reached the middle of the football field they linked arms and sat down in unison and called for UC Berkeley professor Ivonne del Valle to be reinstated.

KQED reported de Valle’s suspension was very “troubling” and reported “del Valle had repeatedly harassed, stalked and retaliated against Joshua Clover, an English and Comparative Literature professor at UC Davis.”

Besides being accused as a stalker, Canary Mission reported Professor de Valle has also supported the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement which is a movement that promotes boycotts against Israel.

Back in 2017 the BDS movement received a public endorsement from Hamas.

The protest delayed the game for over 50 minutes and the protesters were eventually removed from the stadium by law enforcement officers.



The Cal football game against USC was delayed due to a protest by UC Berkeley students.

Video posted to social media showed students sitting at midfield with arms locked. Security guards tried to get them up but struggled. Protesters were yelling, “Justice for Ivonne.”

The group of students was reportedly striking to reinstate a professor Ivonne del Valle who was suspended for stalking.

KTVU has reached out to UC Berkeley police for further details.


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