VIDEO: Pro-Palestine Protestor Throws Spray Painted Mice Inside McDonalds Near Children, Shouts Anti- Israel Profanity

Diners inside of a McDonald’s in Birmingham, England were terrified after a pro-Palestine protester threw a box of spray painted red, green, white and black mice into the restaurant and proceed to shout “F*ck Israel.”

The criminal even recorded his crime and posted it on TikTok.

In the TikTok video the unidentified man with a Palestine styled mask was seen placing “Free Palestine” magnets on his license plates and getting out of his car with large boxes of mice sprayed painted in Palestine flag colors.

The man proceeded to walk inside of the McDonalds and throw the spray painted mice all over the McDonalds floor which terrified diner, some of which were children.


Per The Daily Mail:

This is the terrifying moment a pro-Palestine activists empties a box full of mice into a McDonald’s before walking off and shouting ‘f*** Israel’, as horrified diners fled the infested restaurant.

Shocking footage shared on social media showed the man throwing the rodents over the floor of the fast food restaurant that was packed with customers.

Diners were waiting for meals in the branch at the Star City leisure complex in Birmingham as the mice – spray painted in the colours of the Palestinian flag – were sent scurrying across the floor.

After the incident a spokesperson from the Birmingham McDonald’s franchise stated “We are aware of an incident in our Birmingham Star City restaurant this evening where a number of mice were released by a member of the public.”

They continued “Following the removal of the mice, the restaurant has been fully sanitized and our pest control partners have been called out to conduct a full inspection.”

The Jerusalem Post reported the McDonalds was likely targeted after an Israeli McDonald’s branch announced they are giving free meals to IDF soldiers.


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