(VIDEO) Burlington Police Detains Wisconsin Assembly Speaker RINO Robin Vos Recall Petitioners, Removes Them From Public Property – LAST DAY TO SIGN PETITION

Volunteers for the Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’s recall effort have apparently been targeted by police and harassed over their efforts to recall the speaker.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Conservatives in Wisconsin are currently looking to recall Assembly Speaker Robin Vos over his ties to China and his complacency with the stolen elections in the state.

It was recently discovered that Vos sits on the CCP-tied Legislative Leaders Foundation Board of Directors China. Likely because of this, he “has not moved on legislation to hold China accountable when he’s had multiple opportunities to do so,” according to a Wisconsin State Legislator. This includes 2023 Assembly Bill 269, to prohibit foreign adversaries like China from acquiring agricultural or forestry land in the state, which he has refused to consider and assign to the committee since its introduction in May 2023.

“I have not seen the Speaker do anything to directly challenge or stand up to China in terms of a variety of different bills that have been out there,” our source added.

Additionally, Vos has stood up against efforts to secure elections and get to the bottom of the stolen 2020 election in Wisconsin, and it is speculated that he is doing everything possible to stop Trump in 2024, including fighting vigorously to keep corrupt Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe in office.

EXCLUSIVE: Effort to Recall Wisconsin Assembly Speaker RINO Robin Vos Over Rigged Elections in Wisconsin and Newly Discovered Ties to CCP – LAST TWO DAYS TO SIGN RECALL PETITION THIS WEEKEND

The recall effort came to a brief halt on Saturday when local police targeted recall volunteers seemingly at the behest of Robin Vos, as there have been similar encounters between police and volunteers in the past.

The Recall Vos campaign announced in a press release on Friday that it has filed a public records request with the Burlington Police Department. The release reads, “We want to know if Robin Vos is behind efforts to interfere with our lawful petition drive.”

It is believed that rogue officers in the Burlington Police Department may have leaked a fake story about the group employing illegal immigrants and minors to circulate petitions to local media, which was later debunked by the Police Chief.

Today, Recall Vos filed an open records request with BPD seeking to obtain information about whether Robin Vos had instructed elements within BPD to target Recall Vos team members or release false information about the campaign,” states the release.

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On Saturday, multiple police cars went to the hotel where the petition circulators were organized. Following our initial reporting on this recall effort, people began calling organizers and driving hours across the state to volunteer.

According to sources, the police intimidated petition circulators and surrounding businesses and had circulators removed from the public sidewalks.

Recall petitions are now being collected at the Recall Vos HQ located at 4350 67th Dr, Union Grove, Wisconsin 53182 until 8 pm CT.

One police officer was caught stopping and identifying two petition circulators in a parking lot.

One of the volunteers, US Congressional candidate Jerone Davison (AZ-04), said he was asked for ID and threatened with arrest if he did not leave the parking lot outside of Walmart. Davison told The Gateway Pundit, “Dirty politicians are the reason why I am here from Arizona. Dirty and corrupt politicians who don the Republican title, like Robin Vos, are among the worst. Our country is in shambles because individuals like him receive CCP money and betray us. I hope my actions will awaken America.”

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