Victor Reacts: School Bans Halloween For Being “Offensive”- They Ruin Everything!

The left truly ruins everything. It is officially that time of year again. The virtue signally thought police have come out to tell you how to dress.

As the Gateway Pundit reported, a New Jersey School district has decided to ban Halloween in pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Families of students in the South Orange & Maplewood School District district received a letter on Oct. 6 from Dr. Ronald G. Taylor, the superintendent of  SOMD, asking parents to reflect upon how school-sponsored Halloween celebrations exacerbate inequity.

Decisions regarding how Halloween should be observed have long been a difficult subject to tackle, Taylor explains.

“As you know, SOMSD is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion meaningfully — not just saying the words but also promoting an inclusive school…Our aim is to build a consistent approach across the District as to how our schools observe and celebrate holidays and special events,” Taylor wrote. “Each year, questions arise from families, students, and staff about what SOMSD schools will be doing regarding Halloween.”

The superintendent notified parents the school’s Halloween celebrations are canceled and urged families to consider how the school’s promotion of the holiday poses potential harm to students’ “dignity.”

“Is promoting school-sponsored Halloween activities creating indirect and unintentional financial hardships for students and families? Do school-sponsored Halloween activities violate the dignity of some of our students and families, either culturally or religiously?” he wrote. “Does the promotion of school-sponsored Halloween activities create tensions with the equity and access values of SOMSD?”

“Ultimately, it was determined that I know this may make some uncomfortable and elicit some challenges across our community. However, in the end, I feel these recommendations align with SOMSD’s commitment to building equity.”

There is truly nothing that they won’t try to ruin.


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