Victor Reacts: Another Liberal Insurrection – Kevin McCarthy’s Office Occupied Over PREFAR Funding

As reported by of the Gateway Pundit,

Far-left queer activists staged a protest inside Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office Monday in what qualifies as insurrection.

Pro-Trump protesters are currently rotting in the Regime’s gulags for walking into the Capitol to protest election results. Most behaved in a more orderly fashion than these clowns.

In the video below, which was first captured by Politico reporter Alice Miranda Ollstein, the protesters can be seen screaming “Pass PREFAR now, McCarthy!”

Notice how the cameras just focus in on the loons without any commentary from the crew? Imagine what the reaction would be if conservatives decided to occupy Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office to protest open borders?


Will any of these people be sentenced to 20+ years in federal prison?

For background purposes, PREFAR is a landmark program which was launched back in 2003 to fight AIDS and HIV in the developing world. It has been credited with saving up to 25 million lives.

It is scheduled to expire September 30 according to Politico. While it is normally reauthorized by Congress without any significant controversy, the Regime has hijacked the program to support overseas abortions back in 2021.


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