UPDATE: Trump has Decisive Victory in Virginia Earlier – Vermont Flips to Nikki Haley, Her ONLY Victory so far After Democrats Voted for Her

Early Super Tuesday Results in Vermont and Virginia at 7:38 pm ET

The Super Tuesday polls closed in Vermont and Virginia at 7 pm ET, and Trump was projected early to win at least 39 of Virginia’s 48 delegates. 

According to 270 to win, the allocation of delegates in Virginia is determined as follows:

  • There are 12 statewide delegates and 33 congressional district delegates (3 per district).
  • In each case, winner take all where a candidate exceeds 50% of the vote or only one candidate receives 15%.
  • Otherwise, statewide delegates are proportional to candidates receiving 15% of the vote.
  • In each district not decided by winner take all, the allocation is based on the number of candidates receiving 15% support.
  • The final three delegates are unbound.

The winner of 50% or more in Vermont takes all of the delegates.

After a long four hours of teeter-tottering results, Nikki Haley was put over the top in Vermont. She apparently found the votes later in the counting process.

Trump was leading in Vermont as of 7:38 pm with 55.3% of the vote and 2% of total votes in. Trump increased his lead at 7:45 pm to 55.8% and 4% of votes counted.

Going into today, Trump was already destroying Nikki Haley with 273 delegates to her measly 43 delegates. 1,215 of 2,429 total delegates nationwide are needed to win the GOP nomination for President.

There were a total of 854 GOP delegates up for grabs tonight, nearly half of the total needed to clinch the nomination.

Trump’s win in Virginia was despite Democrats crossing over to vote for Haley in the two open primary elections and “a lot of Haley voters” reportedly saying they plan to vote for Biden in November. This is likely the only reason Haley won Vermont.

Trump trounces Nikki Haley in a recent nationwide poll of Republican voters by 60% and beats Joe Biden in a general election matchup. This is the only ploy that Haley and the Democrats have to get rid of Trump!

Also, The Gateway Pundit reported on Super Tuesday exit polls from Virginia, which show that more Republican voters believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump than those who think Biden won a fair election.

More Americans are waking up every day. Joe Biden is toast!

The Polls in California and Utah close at 11 pm ET, and finally, Alaska at midnight tonight.

The Trump campaign is hosting a watch party at 7:30 as results continue trickling in. Watch live:

WATCH LIVE: Trump Campaign to Host Super Tuesday Election Night Watch Party in Palm Beach, Florida – Starting at 7:30 PM ET



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