Ukrainian Spokesperson “Sarah” Cirillo Targets The Gateway Pundit – Instead of Apologizing for Gonzalo Lira’s Death “Sarah” Blames Lira’s Death on “Natural Cause”

The Ukrainian Army’s unhinged spokesperson Michael “Sarah” Cirillo has targeted The Gateway Pundit for reporting the truth about the death of US YouTuber Gonzalo Lira at the hands of the Biden and Zelensky Regime, while Russian spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged Gonzalo Lira’s colleagues “to speak up in defense of those who today are in the dungeons of the Kiev regime, for those who are still alive and who can still fight for the truth.”

Instead of apologizing for his role in Lira’s arrest and death and voicing condolences for a dead journalist colleague, he claimed dying in the Kiev regime’s custody is “dying of natural causes” and made light of “how Ambassador Brink Secretary Nuland and I are responsible for his chain smoking.”

Cirilo is technically a “journalist,” although he denies Lira that honorific.

Meanwhile, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, who is actually a woman, urged all those “who worked with video blogger, journalist, and filmmaker Gonzalo Lira, who died in a Ukrainian jail,” to “speak up” and defend those locked away “in the dungeons of the Kiev regime.”

“We urge Gonzalo Lira’s colleagues to speak up in defense of those who today are in the dungeons of the Kiev regime. This is necessary for those who are still alive and who can still fight for the truth. It is a tribute to those who died a martyr’s death in the name of the ideals of freedom. We express our sincerest condolences to Lira’s family and friends,” Zakharova said.

She pointed out that both countries where Lira was a citizen – the United States and Chile – from the very moment of the journalist’s arrest by the Ukrainian security service (SBU) “preferred to leave him without attention and real support, essentially throwing him to the wolves,” TASS reported.

“In Santiago (de Chile), the affair was painstakingly brushed under the carpet, even when Lira’s tragic death came to light. Before that, for many months, the Chilean authorities ignored repeated calls from international and local human rights activists not to abandon their compatriot in distress, thus shifting the burden of responsibility to the US Department of State,” Zakharova wrote.

“In this case, the question arises: where have US officials and specialized organizations been all this time, which, when it suits them, hurry to the rescue of allegedly oppressed media representatives? As, for example, was the case with Evan Gershkovich, caught red-handed while carrying out actions on instructions from the US authorities to collect classified information, or US reporter Nicholas Niarchos detained in July 2022 in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova said.

Zakharova blasted the hypocrisy of a Biden Regime that “pays lip service to freedom of speech and journalism, but in practice protects them only when it benefits them.”

“It is clear that the journalist’s refusal to follow the US mainstream and toe the Washington line on what is happening in Ukraine could not remain without consequences, inhumane and literally murderous,” Zakharova said.

The Gateway Pundit has filed a FOIA request with the US State Department to find out what role the US government and especially Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, played in the death of Gonzalo Lira on Jan. 11.

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