Two Adults and a Juvenile Accused of Stealing Over $20,000 Worth of Baby Formula from Indiana Walmarts

Two adults and a juvenile have been arrested in Indiana after being caught with 576 containers of stolen baby formula worth $22,495.41.

The adults, Edgar Ramirez and Nora Zarate, are reportedly from Dallas, Texas.

In a post on Facebook, the Boonville Police Department wrote that their officers were dispatched to Walmart for a theft in progress on Thursday.

“Officers were told that the suspects had stolen baby formula and left the parking lot. The suspect vehicle was stopped near SR261/Eskew Rd. During the roadside investigation, Officers observed a large amount of baby formula inside the vehicle,” the post continued.

The vehicle was impounded, and the officers applied for a search warrant. During the service of the warrant, the officers located the 576 containers of stolen baby formula.

The department said, “This stop uncovered a larger theft ring that included thefts from Walmart Boonville, Newburgh, Evansville Eastside, and Jasper.”

Boonville Police Sergeant Seth Kyle told News 14, ”This is my first time ever working any type of baby formula theft.”

“Usually people are going for your high end electronics or sometimes there’s people that are kleptos that wanna steal,” Kyle added.

The report added, “If there are any other agencies or Walmarts that notice any baby formula thefts, they’re asked to reach out to Boonville Police and call (812) 897-6542.”


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