Tucker Carlson’s Next Move Revealed After Fox News Canceled His Show


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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s next move has been revealed after the network abruptly canceled his show last week.

According to reports, Carlson is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Alabama on Thursday, though it’s not at all related to some scattered rumors that he is considering a run for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, the Western Journal reported.

“Carlson is appearing on behalf of Rainbow Omega — a residential care home intended for adults with mental disabilities near Oxford, Alabama, a city in the northeastern part of the state. The fundraiser is taking place in the Oxford Performing Arts Center,” the outlet reported, citing local Alabama media.

According to AL.com, his appearance was scheduled long before his show was canceled. “He’ll be here Thursday,” Tim Hodge, the director of Rainbow Omega, told the news outlet. “We actually booked him back last fall.”


“The timing for last week’s announcement was unexpected by anybody,” Hodge continued. “Anytime you have a featured speaker from the world of politics, with our country’s political divide, you can bet there’s a lot of interest. It was kind of an unusual situation. There has been renewed interest.”

“We’re looking forward to him being here and being part of our fundraiser,” Hodge added after mentioning Carlson’s firing, AL.com noted further.

A new survey has found that Carlson remains more popular with Americans than his former employer.

The poll by Rasmussen Reports found that Carlson remains popular among conservative and Republican likely voters. “Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Likely U.S. voters have a favorable impression of Carlson, including 36% who have a Very Favorable opinion of him,” the polling firm noted.

“Thirty-four percent (34%) view Carlson unfavorably, including 25% with a Very Unfavorable impression,” the firm added in a release.

Meanwhile, Fox News now has a lower approval from likely voters, with only 52% of voters viewing the network favorably and 24% very favorably, decidedly lower than Carlson’s numbers. Among likely voters, 42% viewed Fox News unfavorably, with 28% having a very unfavorable view.

When it comes to the impact of Carlson’s firing from the network, only 19 percent of voters thought it would have a positive effect on the network. In contrast, 32 percent believed that his departure would actually lower the quality of the news platform. On the other hand, 42 percent of voters did not think that Carlson’s exit would make any significant difference to Fox.

Carlson’s show was taken off the air a week ago, though it’s still unclear as to why. That said, a report late last week claimed that another upstart network is interested in signing him and giving him free rein.

Newsmax is reportedly interested in giving Carlson his own primetime show on their network and allowing him to program the whole channel, per TMZ. That would give Carlson a substantial amount of power, including making decisions on shows that currently air on the network.

“Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the news channel is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for Tucker to come on board — including floating the idea of letting him program the whole channel, not just his own show. That would be a pretty enticing deal point … in addition to having his own primetime show, Tucker would have a say over what shows lead into and out of his show, which can be key in achieving bigger TV ratings,” TMZ reported.

“While our sources stress Newsmax hasn’t formally offered Tucker a job — he can’t have formal discussions due to his current Fox News contract — we’re told the network execs have made it clear to people around him, they would basically give him a big say in rebranding their channel,” the report added.

Late last week, rumors began swirling around who Fox News might choose to take over Carlson’s time slot.

Mediaite published a report titled, “Who Will Replace Tucker Carlson at Fox News? Here Are Mediaite’s Top Picks,” where staff members compiled a list of potential hosts who could take over Carlson’s coveted 8 PM time slot. Fox News stated it would rotate hosts before making any final decisions on Carlson’s replacement.


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