Tucker Carlson Mobbed During Visit to Spain: ‘Please Help Us!’


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Former Fox News star Tucker Carlson was surrounded by supporters and fans while wading through a crowd on Monday as tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets to demonstrate against the government’s deal with Catalan separatists and Basque nationalists granting amnesty to the former for attempting to secede from the country.

The deal, according to reports, gives socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez authority he could not obtain during an election in July.

In one video posted to social media, a woman called out to Carlson, “Tucker, help us with these motherf*ckers!”

At one point, Carlson took some time to speak to supporters in the streets.

Carlson himself posted that he was “in Madrid.”


When a reporter questioned Carlson about how the rest of the world perceived Spain, he responded, “Anyone who would violate your constitution and potentially use physical violence to end democracy is a tyrant, is a dictator, and it’s happening in the middle of Europe. So we thought it deserved more coverage than it’s getting.”

Since the deal, Spanish citizens have been in the streets protesting what appears to be a coup for Sanchez to retain power after he “promised amnesty to criminals and communists in exchange for their support of his rule,” the Post Millennial reported.

Earlier this fall, Carlson appeared to have formally moved on from his one-time employer to the benefit of billionaire Elon Musk’s “X” platform.

X CEO Linda Yaccarino, whom Musk hired earlier this year, prioritized landing some sort of content deal with Carlson, and according to a report last week, it appears that a revenue-sharing deal has been struck between them.

The Washington Post reported:

On June 26, Yaccarino, Musk’s handpicked CEO, eagerly welcomed Justin Wells, longtime executive producer for Carlson’s show on Fox News, to talk about a potential partnership, a person familiar with the meeting said.

It was Yaccarino’s first day in the company’s New York offices — her office was festooned with “Welcome Linda” balloons — and she was trying to strike a deal. Forced from his slot as Fox News’s top-rated prime-time host, Carlson had been posting short videos to Twitter for weeks. But Yaccarino wanted to formalize the relationship and share advertising revenue. A Republican who hailed from NBC News, she aimed to recruit top television talent to X — part of an effort to make the platform more like YouTube or TikTok: a hub for original video content.

The deal was reportedly signed this month, which means there will likely be significantly more content from him on the platform, reporter Sarah Ellison said.

“Linda Yaccarino’s first day in X’s NYC offices, she sat down with Tucker Carlson’s longtime producer. They just signed a deal that is likely to result in lots more Tucker content here,” she said on X.

Last month, the new media company that Carlson founded after leaving Fox signed its first significant advertising contract. According to PublicSq. CEO Michael Seifert, the deal with the conservative-friendly shopping app is worth at least $1 million.

CNBC first reported in July on the agreement between Carlson’s new media company and PublicSq., days before PublicSq. began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. According to The Wall Street Journal, Carlson’s new venture is called Last Country.


With the presidential election of 2024 less than a year away, PublicSq. is the first of likely several other advertisers to move to partner with Carlson at a crucial time in national politics. According to Seifert, the PublicSq. commercials will begin airing in November on Carlson’s show on X (formerly Twitter) and continue through the end of the campaign year.

Seifert noted that the advertisements will also appear on Carlson’s other platforms, such as his website.

The app’s founders and leaders have opposed corporate efforts to improve the environment, society, and governance through financial investments. Seifert said that the product pitches will be integrated into Carlson’s show.


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