Tucker Carlson Interviews Cardinal Gerhard Müller Who Reminds the World the Catholic Church Doesn’t Belong to the Pope

Globalist Pope Francis has moved the Catholic Church closer and closer to radical leftwing ideology during his papacy.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed theologian and author of the book The Power of Truth,  Cardinal Gerhard Müller to discuss the state of the Catholic Church today.

Tucker shared, “Cardinal Gerhard Müller is one of the most important and prolific Catholic theologians alive today. In fact, he was the head at one point of the Vatican’s doctrinal office. He was ousted from his job several years ago, but he has continued to write and think about what is happening within the Catholic Church and within Christianity globally. He’s the author of the book The Power of Truth, and we are honored to have him join us today.”

Tucker: From the outside looking in. And I am, as I said on the outside, I am not a Catholic, but as an observer of the Catholic Church, the leadership of the Church seems to have changed quite a bit under the current Pope and does seem much more aligned with a global political movement with progressive politics than at any time in the past. Do you think that that’s true?

Cardinal Müller: It’s also in the history where they look 2000 years back. This was not the best, times at epochs when the popes or the bishop was too closed to to the politics and, the Middle Ages, this was this understanding of the prince bishops. And so but I think that it’s not the that what Jesus wanted since he sent the apostles like sheep and wolves, and in this world without, political power at all, only with the power and of the word of God and the power of the grace of God, only God can change the heart of the people. And with the word of God, with the holy sacraments, with liturgy services, with a Christian education, with the Christian life, we can convince the people to live a moral life and not to abuse the political power.

And I, surely the Pope is a moral authority all over the world, and he has some meetings with this so-called elite or the politicians, the leaders of the state.

But I think it’s more important to admonish them. And to say what is right and what is good and what is bad.

And therefore, men must keep a certain distance for the political leadership, and we must give a big contrast to the wrong ideologies which are behind the ideology of power. The ideology, of, denying of the difference between men and women. Wrong understanding of sexuality, of human anthropology. And therefore we have the better answer for all these, challenge challenges. It’s challengings of today.

And I think, it’s not so good to give this people the impression they could, use and abuse the papal authority for their ideas, so-called new world order.

And agenda 2030. I think, no one, nobody is able to make a new world order only with money and with, political powers, the so-called self-appointed elite. They have not the intellectual and moral instruments for reshaping the world. They are only interested in their, money making. And if this people, in the first, places in the Forbes list, that will not say that they are have a special qualification for running the world.

Tucker: Thank you for saying that I, just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’re qualified to run the world. I think is what you’re saying.

Cardinal Müller: Jesus said it. It’s not my own personal opinion. Jesus said little bit in distance to the only… these people are not. Why? Because they are righteous. Not to problem to become, in a good state. We wish it for everybody. That he has a good, position in, this world. Not suffering, hunger or anything you want is able to give a good education for their children.

But, we are in a certain distance. So these people are thinking because we are rich we have more importance than the normal people of the middle classes.

And we can make, description and we can say what they have to think, what they, how they have to speak, what vocabulary they use, what they have to eat, and all this, temptation for these people to manipulate the world. That is against our culture, and the democratic culture.

America must be as a leadership in democracy for the free world, but with the moral renewal. Also, the United States is especially in need, a moral renewal, and not only a power struggle for the power, for the own power, but also a moral renewal against drugs, against all this abuse of minors and all this wrong things of self self-destruction and the change of your sexes and genders, is absolutely stupid because God made an error when he and he you that he created you or me or everybody as men or women in our personal individual body. And that is what is that is a gift to be born as a man or as as a woman, because all the possibilities for later for the marriage and to become fathers and mothers, to live and in the family.

And therefore it is very important to teach the young people of the importance of their existence. Everybody is loved by God, and everybody is loved in his situation, in his condition, as man, as male female condition, or in whatever condition he is born in Asia and Africa or America, Europe, everybody has the same closeness, it is the same closeness, friendship to God. And that is a so highest criteria for us, our personal relation to the personal triune God.

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