Trump Trolls Nikki Haley With Hillary Clinton Meme


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Former President Donald Trump has shared a slew of memes as part of his campaign against Nikki Haley in the GOP presidential primary, one of which is a heavily edited picture that purports to show a comparison between Haley and Hillary Clinton.

In the days after his resounding victory in the Iowa caucuses and in anticipation of their upcoming showdown in New Hampshire next week, the former president took to his social media platform, Truth Social, to share several posts.

Several of the posts featured images of Haley, criticizing her past remarks and her performance in the Iowa caucuses, where she placed third, behind Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Trump once posted a photo of his 2016 presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, with a photoshopped portrait of Haley superimposed on top. Below the title “Hillary,” the word “Haley” appears.

Despite the lack of additional text in the post, it seemed that the comparison was based on past accusations of “neo-conservative” or “neo-con” leveled against Haley by her Republican presidential nominees.

Check it out below:


Less than a week before Granite State voters head to the polls, New Hampshire appears to be Trump’s to lose, according to a new poll.

The former president gets 50% support in the Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking poll released Wednesday. Haley trails in second place at just shy of 34%, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis finishes a distant third with 5.2%.

The poll of 500 likely Republican voters comes as the second-tier candidates blanket New Hampshire in a search for every available vote. As was the case with Monday’s Iowa caucus, where Trump won handily, the new poll results underscore Trump’s hold on the GOP primary electorate.

In contrast to the less than 5% who stated they would vote against Haley, 90% of Trump supporters said they would vote for the twice-impeached former president, who is also facing four criminal indictments and other civil court actions.

Meanwhile, slightly more than 37% of Haley’s supporters said they would vote against Trump, while about 54% said they would vote for the former governor of South Carolina.

Nearly 36% of respondents identified as moderate, while 56% identified as conservative or extremely conservative—a group that clearly aligns with Trump’s political philosophy.

According to the poll, nearly 30% of respondents would choose DeSantis as their second choice, while 10% would choose Haley. DeSantis has had a tough start to the campaign.

A record-setting victory for Trump in Monday’s Iowa caucuses solidified his hold on the Republican presidential nomination for 2024, leaving his opponents far behind.

Hundreds of schools, churches, and community centers around the state hosted the caucus, as participants braved potentially fatal cold and hazardous driving conditions. However, the turnout was so high that Trump won the Iowa Republican caucuses by a margin of about 30 points, breaking Bob Dole’s record of nearly 13 points in 1988.

President Joe Biden took to X, formerly known as Twitter, soon after Iowa was called and said Trump is the “clear front runner” in the GOP presidential race.

In response to Trump’s victory, Biden wasted no time in beginning his fundraising campaign. He continued by slamming “extreme MAGA Republicans.”

“Looks like Donald Trump just won Iowa. He’s the clear frontrunner on the other side at this point. But here’s the thing: this election was always going to be you and me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans. It was true yesterday and it’ll be true tomorrow,” Biden wrote.

Biden followed up the statement with a request for donations to his 2023 re-election campaign.


Trump spoke to Fox News on Monday night, saying he felt “invigorated” and “greatly honored” after winning the 2024 Iowa caucuses.

“It really is an honor that, minutes after, they’ve announced I’ve won — against very credible competition — great competition, actually. It is a tremendous thing and a tremendous feeling. We have to get our country back,” he told Fox News Digital. “Our country has gone through so many bad things over the last three years and it is continuing to go through bad things.”


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