Trump Responds After Biden Campaign Joins Truth Social Platform


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Former President Donald Trump responded to the campaign of his likely 2024 rival, President Joe Biden, after officials joined Trump’s Truth Social platform.

“We are heading to World War III because of grossly incompetent leadership, headed by a President that doesn’t have a clue, although he did have the sense to just join TRUTH, the real VOICE OF AMERICA,” Trump wrote Saturday.

“Congratulations Joe, at least, on that!” he added.

Biden’s campaign spoke exclusively to Fox News Digital about the plans last week, noting that the strategy behind the move is “meeting voters where they are.”

“Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same,” a spokesman for the Trump campaign told the outlet.

The Biden campaign added that officials are “injecting our message” into Republican primary coverage and that the plan is to combat “mis- and disinformation” regarding President Joe Biden that could appear on the platform.

“There’s very little ‘truth’ happening on TruthSocial, but at least now it’ll be a little fun,” a senior Biden campaign aide told Fox.


“Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!” the first post by the campaign was expected to say, according to Fox.

Campaign officials also said they wanted to hold “MAGA accountable on their own platform,” adding, “We will be leveraging the fact that Republicans can sometimes be our best messengers!”

They also compared the move to launch a Truth Social account as akin to “going into the lion’s den to point out Republicans’ hypocrisy and have a little fun at their own expense.”

Meanwhile, officials with the platform told Fox News Digital that it is a “free, open platform” and “welcomes anyone around the world to join.”

Asked to comment on the move, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung told Fox News Digital: “Crooked Joe Biden and his team are finally acknowledging that Truth Social is hot as a pistol and the only place where real news happens. Unfortunately for Biden, his continuation of spreading misinformation to gaslight the American people in order to distract from his disastrous record won’t work and they’ll be ratioed to oblivion.”

Late last month, a leading pollster some consider to be the top in the nation predicted a potential “electoral landslide” for Trump next year as President Joe Biden continues to slide in approval ratings and “Bidenomics” continues to eat into ordinary Americans’ paychecks.

In an interview with radio host Michael Patrick Leahy for The Tennessee Star report on Tuesday, pollster John McLaughlin discussed what current state and national polling means, what polls to watch, and how to analyze new polling as it comes out in the months ahead.

“Morning Consult has Trump and Biden tied, but I’ve seen Trump up 9 in the Washington Post poll; and Trump up 3 in another. The polls say it’s looking good for Donald J. Trump,” Leahy said before swinging it over to McLaughlin, who then made a startling prediction:

Yes, because it would be an electoral landslide because when you look at it, due to the census, there’s a little more electoral vote our way.

But if you look at the toss-up states from last time and you say, ‘This means he’s going to win Wisconsin, Michigan’ – that’s why I went to Detroit last week to stand up for union workers, going to lose their jobs in China.

Arizona has 11 electoral votes.

Nevada 6 – we could win that. That was close last time.

We’ll win Georgia because they changed the election law to require a voter ID, not just for in-person, but also for absentee – there are 16 electoral votes there.


We got a shot at Pennsylvania in spite of their trying to manipulate the mail-in votes. There’s 19 electoral votes there.

And Ohio has 7 – Ohio, we’re gonna win.

But there are 77 electoral votes that would switch.

So we would go from last time, 232 electoral votes – we’d be at 304 already.


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