Trump Endorses Michigan GOP Senate Candidate Mike Rogers

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed former congressman Mike Rogers, a Republican Senate candidate in Michigan.

“Highly respected former Congressman Mike Rogers is running for the United States Senate from the Great State of Michigan,” Trump began, noting that Rogers has “served his Country during a career loaded up with accolades and wins, from the Army to Congress, and now, hopefully, the U.S. Senate.”

Trump said Rogers will work with him “closely” to make “America First Policies” a reality and described him as a fighter for a secure border and sound economy.

“Mike will work closely with me to enact our America First Policies. He will tirelessly fight to Secure the Border, Stop Inflation, Grow the Economy, Strengthen our Military / Veteran Support, and Protect and Defend our always under siege Second Amendment,” he said.

“Mike Rogers will be a Great and Powerful Senator for Michigan, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement,” Trump wrote, adding, “HE KNOWS HOW TO WIN!”:

Polls released in February showed Rogers leading primary challenger Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), who voted to impeach Trump.

A Marketing Research Group (MRG) poll published Monday found Rogers with 23 percent support, leading the way over Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump. Meijer garners seven percent of the response, followed by businessman Sandy Pensler at two percent. Another 62 percent of the likely Republican primary voter respondents are undecided.

In a separate poll conducted by pollster Michael Meyers for a pro-Rogers super PAC and first reported by Fox 2, Rogers has an even bigger lead. Of the respondents, 32 percent back Rogers, while 12 percent support Meijer and Pensler climbs to four percent. The share of undecided voters in this poll is 52 percent.

Speaking to Breitbart News Saturday, Rogers said Democrats “should be nervous” about losing Michigan this election cycle:

“You know, places that are really important, you know, those kinds of Reagan Democrats that now have become, you know, Trump Democrats. … That tells you that the Democrats should be nervous about what’s going on here in the state of Michigan. And clearly, the Democrats have been the party of the elite,” he said. “You know, they don’t buy their own groceries. They don’t pump their own gas. That’s why they’re running around the country saying, ‘Everything is better.’

“Well, not if you work for a living, and here in Michigan, we work for a living. So that sends a very clear message, I think, and why I think that puts the president in a great place to actually win the state of Michigan. We win the state of Michigan, we will win,” Rogers continued, predicting that “Donald Trump will be the next president, and Mike Rogers is going to be the next United States senator here.”

Further, Rogers warned that Democrats want to permanently “make China a “winner in our transportation,” particularly in his state of Michigan.

“Forty-percent less labor, and what they’ve done is that they’ve basically mandated you have to buy a product [EVs] that completely advantages the Communist Party of China,” he said, explaining that “85 percent of that car has to be processed in China — 85 percent of the electric system and the battery system.”


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