TikTok is a Tailored, Mass Psychosis Delivery Platform

Dr. Robert Malone started using the term “mass psychosis” to explain the breakdown of sanity in America with the 2020 Wuhan virus.  Dr. Malone and others were pilloried by the elite press for this term which created a volcanic and choreographed response from the self-appointed gatekeepers of truth, especially after Dr. Malone’s seminal appearance on, “The Joe Rogan Experience, Episode 1757” in December 2021.

As one narrative after another in regard to Wuhan, Covid, and the Vaccine collapses, I’m hoping that such counter-attack dogs are preparing statements of apology to Dr. Malone and all Americans, but I’m not holding my breath.  Some states have returned to relative normalcy, while other states such as Washington, Oregon, California, and Michigan have accepted harsh, arbitrary, and tyrannical governors that continue to push well beyond the boundaries of Constitutional America.

Mass psychosis is hysteria, fear, and irrationality that breaks out which causes some to instinctively lunge at totalitarianism as the only answer to save society.  How is this possible?

Effective use of social media is one of the primary delivery methods to barrage, overwhelm, and take control of the individual and their psyche.  TikTok is the vanguard platform, and it tailors the message for everyone.

How can a message be tailored when the desire is mass psychosis?  That may seem like an oxymoron, however with the miracle merger of three key capabilities, mass psychosis can be generated by tailored messaging on a vast scale.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always valued sophisticated psychological conditioning.  The original Hawaii 5-0 Pilot Episode “Cocoon” in 1968 foretold the future with a CCP brainwashing session.  With TikTok the CCP can inflict mass psychosis on a grand scale at great efficiency without the unwitting targets being forced to attend the resident version of Chairman Mao’s Re-Education Center.

TikTok is the intersection of Big Data, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

 Big Data is a common term for vast data sets.  Oracle was one of the first Big Data pioneers and started as a CIA funded small business in the 1960s to help create data bases (essentially spreadsheets) of structured data.

Structured data are things like numbers, dates, descriptions, while unstructured data includes things like photos, audio tracks, lengthy text, and various other file formats.  Tracking the numbers of Soviet bombers, submarines, missiles, and nuclear warheads by hand was getting too complicated.  Oracle made life a lot easier for the CIA Analyst.  Google brought the data focus to a new level and the data sets became larger and larger.

Modern Big Data Analytics allows the ability to query, associate, and present real language queries at cyber speed that are more and more accessible to the average user.

Oracle was created about the same time as ARPANET, but the data hosting and accessibility was very nascent.  Data Centers are now everywhere, and the data sets have grown hyper exponentially.

Modern Artificial Intelligence is actioning the data without human intervention.  The TikTok controllers can set the algorithms to run without human, hands-on keyboards commands, to generate and project content at breathtaking speed and scale, customized and tailored to each individual user.

The algorithms are self-learning and will adapt and evolve to increase the effectiveness of their psychological impact.  The TikTok crafted message stream will provide “Cocoon” like conditioning to drive mass psychosis and hysteria of fear, doubt, self-loathing, resentment, and grievance.

TikTok helps build the complete psychological profile and Digital Twin of all users

TikTok generates a digital twin of all of its 1 billion users.  The CCP has established a Digital Twin Strategy to create a twin of every person and place it in the metaverse – collect, aggregate, and analyze all possible information about the individual.  This strategy is on par with how the CCP views biotechnology (including biological warfare).  “In 2015, Major General He Fuchu, then-president of the AMMS, predicted that biotechnology would become the new “strategic commanding heights” of national defense” in a showdown with the United States.  TikTok is a key enabler for CCP dominance of the ‘strategic commanding heights’ of the metaverse (i.e. social media).


TikTok helps collect, learn, and improve the psychological profile of all users – their likes, dislikes, and can learn more through positive and negative reinforcement to fine tune the content flow to the TikTok user.  TikTok knows the trigger points of users.  What can send them into a frenzy, rage, and perhaps even violent action.  Personalities that are experiencing dysphoria on who they are is a prime target group for TikTok.  Those that can be triggered, with conditioning can become hyper triggered.  Social Justice Warriors, public school teachers, Non-Profits focused on grievance are a target rich environment for TikTok.  If someone is obsessed with ruminating over issues, TikTok knows how to spin them into the ceiling and over the edge.

The business case argument of dividing TikTok is the same evasive maneuver Huawei and Big Tech have used to delay and obfuscate legislators and investigators

 The simple test on Tiktok is this: if TikTok is good, why is it not allowed inside of China?  China allows only a watered-down version of TikTok, Douyin, which is strictly surveilled.  You won’t see positive and negative reinforcement (both are necessary for triggering) of real or perceived Social Justice issues on Douyin.  But you will see plenty of vignettes on how Chinese love Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and cats (only a few years ago they were eating them until they realized this triggered non-Chinese).  Watching loving dog and cat videos is still rationed before the individuals social credit score is penalized.

For years the U.S. Government attempted to limit Huawei’s involvement in routers and networks.  It was a hard slog, Huawei would argue they were Huawei, U.S. Incorporated and had nothing to do with Huawei, China Incorporated.  The Chinese are very good at stealing our secrets but even better at reading our laws and regulations and were constantly able to foil the U.S. Government in U.S. Court.  American Big Tech used similar arguments (Big Tech Company X, US Inc. had nothing to do with Big Tech Company X, China Inc.) The U.S. Government has had success with Huawei, but much of Huawei’s fall from grace has been from public and market awareness of their role as a CCP Civil-Military fusion company.  Huawei may buy the prime spot on a trade show floor and hire Caucasian ex-U.S. Government personalities as a PR ploy, but their spaces were noticeably empty.  Most knew of the danger of introducing Huawei into their networks.

It appears the tipping point has been reached and TikTok has achieved the Huawei title of the only one believing TikTok’s innocence is TikTok – and the easily manipulated who called Congress because TikTok told them to call Congress but didn’t know why they were calling.  Mass psychosis 2.0 brought to you by TikTok in an attempt to save itself.


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