There It Is… Wacko Anti-Israel Democrat Jayapal Compares Israel’s Response to Hamas to Russia’s “Siege of Ukraine” (VIDEO)

Meet the Press with crazy Democrat Pramila Jayapal

This crazy woman speaks for millions of Democrats everywhere.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) compared Israel’s response to the Hamas massacre of innocent civilians in southern Israel to Russia’s “seige of Ukraine.”

Jayapal was on Meet the Press on Sunday morning. She opened up by calling Israel’s policies in Gaza “racist.”

She then compared Israel to Putin’s Russia! And Democrats HATE Putin’s Russia.
So there it is.

Democrat Pramila Jayapal: Look, Kristen, first of all, nobody has any love for Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has deprived the Palestinian people absolutely of many, many things in the time of their rule. And let’s not forget that the last election where Hamas was elected was 16 years ago. Half of Palestinians are children. They were not part of that. And Hamas is not Palestinians, and Palestinians are not Hamas. We have to be very clear about that.

But humanitarian agencies have been sending aid through approved partners, and before October 7, it was about 500 trucks per day. Now, Kristen, since the beginning of this war, we have seen less than 100 trucks delivered. Israel has stopped the fuel from coming in and being delivered by trusted partners.

And, Kristen, I just think we have to recognize that this is a double standard. The United States rightly called out Russia for its siege of Ukraine, rightly called out the attacks on the power infrastructure, the refusal to provide food and water and fuel to the Ukrainians. And we have to recognize that our credibility and our authority on the moral stage is greatly diminished if we do not also call out this siege that Israel is launching on Gaza as violations of international law.

She says Israeli policies are racist. And Israel is just like Russia.
And may speak for the majority of Democrats.


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