“THE BIDEN REGIME TORTURED US TO GET TO PRESIDENT TRUMP. They Thought We Would Turn on Him. THEY WERE WRONG! TRUMP 2024!!” J6 Prisoner Says He Still Loves President Trump, Regardless of Harsh Consequences

After spending over a year in pre-trial solitary confinement in the D.C. Gulag, I was released on home incarceration for a year with the promise of time served if I pled guilty. Seeing that all my fellow J6’ers were being found guilty across the board, I decided to plead guilty because I knew I would never have a fair trial. I was shocked that at my sentencing, the DOJ suddenly and unexpectedly requested I return to prison. The judge (Dabney Friedrich) quickly agreed. Not a single day of the 12 months on house arrest was credited towards my sentence. The  judge began lecturing me and said she regretted letting out on home arrest- even though I never broke a single rule while on house arrest and have never even been in trouble with the law before. All because I am a Trump supporter.

The Dishonorable Judge Friedrich thinks she is the next Judge Judy. She is known to yell at Trump supporters and make wise remarks at them from the bench.

During my year on home incarceration, I was unable to walk out of my apartment. I was so excited to get out of solitary confinement and the hell hole of D.C. Gulag and used my life savings (funds that were donated to me by the American public on GiveSendGo) so I could get an apartment in Nevada, my home state. Because I knew I was unable to leave the grounds, I found a building that had a gym and pool in it. I was so excited to be able to be outside of a cell and able to move around, even if just in a small apartment building. I literally dreamed about it every night leading up to my release where I was being held in the Hole at D.C. Gulag. I found out right after my release to home confinement that I would not be able to leave the apartment or set foot outside the front door. So the pool and little gym I looked forward to became torture rather than blessings. Because I could look outside my window and see the other people in the building laughing and swimming in the pool, and I knew I could never join them- only watch from my window. This went on for a year before I was summoned back to court in Washington D.C. for my final sentencing.


While on house arrest, I was unable to go to work, which I am not accustomed to. Therefore, I put my heart and soul into launching a new business from home from a laptop I was also thankfully able to purchase with the help of the Gateway Pundit readers that donated to my GiveSendGo while I was in prison. I started an AI (artificial intelligence) company from scratch and worked tirelessly to rebuild after losing everything. (Please check out my website for my new business HERE, I am very proud of my hard work.) After a year of rebuilding and pouring all I had into my new business, I was excited for my sentencing because the prosecutors told me if I pled guilty and went on house arrest I would get time served.

But guess what? THEY LIED. The judge sent me back to prison, now in California, for 18 more months. SO I LOST EVERYTHING ALL OVER AGAIN. This time it is the business I spent an entire year locked in an apartment getting started. It was just taking off.

Now here I am locked up again writing to you from the other side of freedom. I lost everything that I struggled to build for a second time. The only company I had in my apartment was a kitten named Jasper. I never would have taken a pet if I thought I would be separated from it- now when I get out of jail I fear my cat wound even know me. And my cat was all I had.


DeGraves with his kitten Jasper- the only company he had on house arrest before he was sent back to prison..

After cruel sentencing fines that stripped me of my last dollar, I now have no money for commissary. My employees from my website company have gone unpaid. I am overdrawn on my bank accounts. What little I have I’m borrowing from my elderly grandparents who are using what is left of their small savings to help me buy phone cards and food in jail.  I am in serious debt for the first time in my life.  I feel as if I have let everyone down- my friends, my family and my clients. Worst of all when I get released, I will have absolutely nothing- no money, no place to live, and no business to keep me going.  As a felon no one will hire me. The government is relentless in their pursuit to ruin the lives of outspoken Americans like me and they will do anything to prevent us from achieving our fullest potential.  

Two years ago I’ve wrote a letter from prison that spread around the world and went viral thanks to the great reporter Cara Castronuova and The Gateway Pundit. I have appeared on Tucker Carlson and Greg Kelly. I’ve been interviewed by Roger Stone, and I’ve spoken on many media outlets advocating on behalf  the J6 patriots undergoing unspeakable tragedies.  My letter exposing the DC Gulag’s inhumane conditions was read by Marjorie Taylor Greene and quoted by other members of Congress. It is what prompted members of the Freedom Caucus to come to the jail to visit us and demand better conditions for us.

I love the United States of America.  I believe in the right to free speech, standing for what you believe in, and always doing the right thing.  The January 6th rally was my calling and I was proud to be a voice for the millions of Americans who felt wronged by our 2020 election.  It was a display of my undying patriotism, for this beautiful. country and it’s citizens.  However, those of us that entered the Capitol that day paid the ultimate price. Not only do we face years behind bars, but now the government is canceling the January 6th patriots. It is very scary to think about the future. Our bank accounts are being shut down and we may be unable to open new ones. Our social media accounts are being banned and they are wiping us off the internet.  Many January 6th defendants are in the military, and their veteran’s benefits have taking away- leaving their families without help. Uber, AirBnb and services Americans have come to rely on for every day life are closed to us permanently. The Biden administration and the corrupt DOJ are confiscating our savings accounts at sentencing and labeling it as “Sentencing Fines” in order to further cripple us in society. They have made it near impossible for us to recuperate after we leave prison and smearing our names so it will be difficult to have normal lives outside of prison.


Economic sanctions being imposed by the government on its own people sets a historic precedent designed to instill fear, and silence the voices of American citizens. Us January 6’ers are nothing more than target practice and political pawns in the Biden Regime’s ultimate quest to persecute and jail Donald Trump. This is an attack on citizens by their own government that rivals communist countries like North Korea and China.

Despite the current setbacks, my fight will continue on. I will never stop pushing for equal justice, for full exoneration from our weaponized justice system, and for our constitutional right to be heard. So if you’d like to help, my team is starting a fundraiser to fuel this cause and get me back on my feet once more.  Now that sentencing is over, every penny will go towards this fight for redemption and a potential career in politics. Any money raised post sentencing will now be completely safe and protected from the greedy fingers of the communist Biden regime. I truly need your help to get my feet off the ground when I am released hopefully early next year. I am fearful I will not have a place to stay or food to eat.

My fellow Americans, I am asking you for help as I am going to released from prison sometime next year and I am fearful as I do not have any savings to fall back on. It was all spent on my lawyers and sentencing fines. I do not have anything left. It would give me great peace of mind to know I have funds for when I get out and to keep my business afloat while I am here inside. I also need money to pay for my current storage unit so I do not lose all my belongings again. I also need help with funds for my commissary and for phone minutes so I can make phone calls from prison.

These are not just donations. They are my lifeline. Also, your donation makes a statement that Americans will not stand idly by while government corruption destroys the lives of good red-blooded patriots. Thank you for reading to my message and please head my warning- if we don’t stand up to tyranny now, you could be next. Your generosity is greatly appreciated as I place my hope and life in God’s hands. God bless you, God Bless Donald Trump and God bless America.

With patriotism and respect,


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