TEXAS STRIKES BACK: Lone Star State Defies Biden Regime’s Outrageous Lawsuit Threat – Begins Arresting and Charging Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Credit: @@LtChrisOlivarez

The Biden regime has flooded the great state of Texas with illegal aliens for months and threatened legal consequences if they dared to resist. On Wednesday, the Lone Star State took matters issued a bold act of defiance.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill earlier last month known as SB4, which grants state and local law enforcement officials the power to arrest, jail, and prosecute illegal migrants. Moreover, it allows judges to issue de facto deportation orders, thus allowing the state to send back the invaders the Regime has happily allowed in.

The Department of “Justice” then told Texas in a letter they would sue if the state dared to implement SB4.

Texas has responded by giving the Regime the middle finger. As CNN reported, Texas authorities arrested illegals at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, late Wednesday evening. They were charged with criminal trespassing, marking the first arrests of illegal aliens since the state took control of the area at the US-Mexico border last week.

Lt. Chris Olivarez at the Texas Department of Public Safety announced the arrests on his X account and showed the invaders being detained by authorities. The illegals arrested consist of single adult males and females.

Under the authority of Gov. @GregAbbott_TX’s Border Disaster Declaration, @TxDPS Troopers are arresting illegal immigrants for criminal trespass at #ShelbyPark in Eagle Pass. Troopers are enforcing criminal trespass on single adult men & women. The State of #Texas will maintain a proactive posture in curbing illegal border crossings between the ports of entry.


Olivarez told CNN that the single adult migrant men and women were taken into state custody, while migrant families and children were transferred to US Border Patrol.

Oilvarez went on to say that migrants arrested for criminal trespassing will first face the state charge before they are transferred to US Border Patrol officials.

As The Gateway Pundit readers know, the Texas Department of Public Safety notified Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas last week. But the Biden regime struck back and kicked out border patrol agents after Texas seized control of the park.

Eagle Pass has been slammed as trains carrying thousands of illegals from southern Mexico make their way to the region.


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