Ted Cruz Castigates Biden for Funding Hundreds of Billion to Iran and, by Proxy, Hamas: “Biden’s Obsession with Appeasement and Funding Terrorism is Deadly”

In a recent appearance on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) unleashed a scathing attack on Joe Biden’s policy towards Iran and its implications for the ongoing Middle East tensions.

The senator didn’t mince words as he accused the Biden regime of fueling terrorism through financial aid to Iran, a known supporter of Hamas, the terrorist organization held responsible for the terror October 7 attack on Israel.

Cruz lambasted the Biden regime for allowing nearly $100 billion to flow into Iran over the last two and a half years. Cruz emphasized that Iran acts as a patron to Hamas, and without this financial backbone, Hamas’s capacity for terror would be significantly crippled.

“Over the last two and a half years, Joe Biden and the Biden administration have flowed nearly $100 billion to Iran. Understand Hamas is a proxy for Iran. Without Iran, there would be no Hamas,” said Ted Cruz.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted to funding terrorism in a straight face during an interview with NBC News.

Blinken, who previously endorsed a $6 billion financial package for Iran alongside President Biden on 9-11 anniversary, openly admitted that Iran has “unfortunately always used and focused its funds on supporting terrorism.”

The Senator didn’t mince words when he referenced a Wall Street Journal report that highlighted Iran’s role in planning, funding, and orchestrating the attack. Cruz saw it as a blatant act of terror funded by money that flowed from the U.S. administration to Iran and then to Hamas.

Maria Bartiromo, sharing Cruz’s concerns, pointed to the Iranian sympathizers within the Biden administration.

“That is exactly right, Senator. And right now, we have Iranian sympathizers working within the Biden administration. And that is why I started asking you, what can you do about it? Because these atrocities are continuing. And we have Robert Malley, apparently Biden’s chief negotiator in the Iran nuclear talks. We have others that are still working in the administration that have been leading this effort to get the United States back into an Iran deal, leading this effort to, in fact, lower the sanctions, enabling Iran to generate billions in revenue. And what are they doing with the money? They are empowering these terrorists,” Bartiromo said.

Cruz also brought to light a national security scandal involving Rob Malley and three Iranian operatives within the administration, accentuating the grave risks posed to the nation. He was aghast at the infiltration of Iranian spies in crucial government positions, which he sees as a clear and present danger to American and Israeli security.

The conversation then veered towards the nomination of Jack Lew, a former Treasury Secretary under Obama, as the next ambassador to Israel. Cruz termed Lew as a ‘terrible choice’ due to his key role in the Obama-Iran nuclear deal which directed over $100 billion to Iran.

The discussion moved to a package Biden is pushing, tying aid to Israel with humanitarian aid for Palestinians and support for Ukraine.

It can be recalled Biden is mulling over a supplementary request for a massive $100 billion, earmarked for defense assistance to Israel and Ukraine, along with border security funding in the US, and aid to nations in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan.

Cruz decried this as a cynical move, leveraging the bipartisan support for Israel to pass unrelated agendas. He called for a clean bill supporting Israel’s military needs instead of lumping it with other issues.

In an X post, Cruz wrote, “Biden unlocked billions of dollars for Iran, which it funneled to Hamas in order to murder Israelis and Americans. Biden’s obsession with appeasement and funding terrorism is deadly.”



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