TACKY: Jill Biden Shows Up to White House Halloween Party Dressed as White House Cat “Willow”…with Face Paint and a Tail (VIDEO)

Joe and Dr. Jill on Monday hosted local public school children and military-connected kids for a Halloween party at the South Portico of the White House.

Biden showed up to the White House’s trick-or-treating festivities as himself – a creepy baby sniffer.

Dr. Jill told the children she was dressed as her cat Willow (she looked more like a rat).

Everything Jill Biden wears is tacky, tacky, tacky! She wore an ill-fitting dress with faux fur cuffs, tennis shoes, ears, face paint, and…. a tail. Yuck.

“So I guess you know, I’m our cat, Willow,” Jill Biden told the children in a shrill voice.

At one point nurse Jill had to help her invalid husband and instruct him to stand for a photo with a family.


The Bidens got a cat named Willow last year after the German Shepherd was removed from the White House grounds for repeatedly biting Secret Service agents.


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