Swalwell: Trump Has Brought 'Hell and the Chaos' to Our Country

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that former President Donald Trump has brought “hell and chaos” to the United States.

Host Joy Reid asked, “Are any of your colleagues concerned that members of Congress would be targeted if these people were put back on the street?”

Swalwell said, “When the threats come in to me and my colleagues, what we’re told by the Department of Justice, which is doing a very good job to try to track these, is that hey, we’re being targeted too. You’re seeing that Donald Trump has unleashed and created this environment where the investigators are also being terrorized. So are FBI agents and DOJ prosecutors, they’re receiving as many death threats as me and my colleagues.”

He added, “That’s just the hell and the chaos that he has brought to our country. And it’s really easy to do that when you don’t have the firewall within your own party to stop you. So that’s why this is all so important. And just functionally, because we’re not helpless here, I have also been working with DOJ to write legislation that would create a harassment crime so that it’s not just a high threshold of threats, but that we can protect people as much as possible.”

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