Surveillance Video Shows Lauren Boebert Vaping During 'Beetlejuice'

Surveillance video appears to show Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) vaping during the Beetlejuice musical at Denver’s Buell Theater, debunking her team’s initial denial of the congresswoman doing so at the performance.

Boebert was identified as one of two individuals kicked out of the theater for “causing a disturbance.” The two individuals, whom other attendees complained about, were accused of interrupting the show. Such interruptions included “vaping, singing, [and] recording.”

According to reports, venue officials issued a warning to the individuals in question during the show’s intermission. However, they allegedly persisted in their poor behavior, prompting further complaints. That ultimately led to venue officials forcing the two to leave.

The initial report does not name Boebert or who appears to be her date, but surveillance video shows her being escorted out of the venue with a male, who twirled her as they left the premises.

One of the ushers said in the report, “They told me they would not leave.”

WATCH — Lauren Boebert Escorted Out of Theatre After Causing “Disturbance”
Denver Arts & Venues via Storyful

“I told them that they need to leave the theater, and if they do not, they will be trespassing. The patrons said they would not leave. I told them I would (be) going to get Denver Police. They said go get them,” the usher said.

Later, on social media, Boebert pled “guilty to laughing and singing too loud.”

However, Boebert’s campaign manager, Drew Sexton, denied reports of the congresswoman vaping during the show. That, however, appears to be untrue, as surveillance video appears to show the congresswoman doing just that.


“I can confirm the stunning and salacious rumors: in her personal time, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is indeed a supporter of the performing arts (gasp!) and, to the dismay of a select few, enthusiastically enjoyed a weekend performance of ‘Beetlejuice,’” Sexton said in a statement at the time.

“She appreciates the Buell Theatre’s strict enforcement of their no photos policy and only wishes the Biden Administration could uphold our border laws as thoroughly and vigorously,” he told EW.

EW reported, “Sexton denies, however, that Boebert was vaping, pointing instead to the fog machines employed in the production and calling the situation a ‘misunderstanding.’”

According to the video, that does not appear to be the case.


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