St. Louis Officials Condemn South City Swahili-Speaking Church that Caters to African Migrants After Woman Is Found Beaten, Bloody, and Tied with Ropes

A South St. Louis Church that caters to African refugees and migrants was shut down this week. City officials closed the church after a young woman was found beaten, bloody, and tied up with ropes. The victim said she was kidnapped by church officials.

The church caters to Africans who have resettled in St. Louis. Many of the congregants do not speak English but still speak Swahili.

From left, Grace Kipendo, Pasi Heri and Mmunga Fungamali all face charges related to the kidnapping of a unnamed female. SLMPD and Riverfront Times

As reported earlier – Three men were arrested this past weekend in St. Louis City after after a woman was found bound by ropes and bleeding from the head. The incident took place at Mount of Olives Ministry on Minnesota Avenue in the city.

The woman said she was held captive and was beaten by the men at the church. Inside the room police found a bottle of water and a bucket that had been used as a toilet.

According to reports when police arrived at the scene they found women described as “angels” held in a room inside the premises. When police lifted their veils the women would start screaming.

KTVI-TV St. Louis reported:

A south St. Louis church has been condemned, just days after police found a woman who claims she’d been kidnapped and later assaulted inside the building.

A sign has been posted on the door of the Mount of Olives Ministry, telling passersby that the building is condemned.

The St. Louis Building Division condemned the church on February 26 in coordination with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department due to illegal occupancy, according to Connor Kerrigan, a communications specialist for the city.

“Well, you know, if they were members of the church or had anything to do with that church and they did anything like that, then they deserve to be condemned no matter who they are,” neighbor Walter Greiner said.

St. Louis police were called to the Patch neighborhood on Saturday, February 24, around 1:30 a.m., after a woman was found near the church. She was bleeding from her head and bound by ropes…

…The church caters to African refugees who have settled in St. Louis.


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