Spring Storms Prompt Tornado Watches and Warnings Across U.S.

Spring storms are prompting tornado watches and warnings across portions of the United States, which come just days ahead of the fiftieth anniversary of what some consider the “worst tornado outbreak in U.S. history.”

Severe storms swept across the midwest on Monday and continue to make their way through the Ohio Valley and into the South. According to the Weather Channel, “There have been more than 120 reports of severe weather from this storm system since Monday morning, from Texas to the Ohio Valley.” Several tornadoes have been reported, and some have shared footage of the twisters — and their aftermath — on social media:

On Tuesday, a strong storm blasted through Charleston, West Virginia. The storm system produced winds of up to 90 mph, according to readings from the Huntington Airport. Video footage shows the aftermath of the storm, which caused damage to a building on Quarrier St. in Charleston:

Several tornado watches and warnings have gone into effect in various areas throughout the day and will continue:

The latest bout of storms prompts reminders of what Fox Weather describes as one of the “deadliest tornado outbreaks in American history,” which occurred from April 3 to 4, 1974.

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